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Cirus Foundation Price Chart Update [CIRUS]

Cirus Foundation Price Update Today

The CIRUS price update as of now is $0.02886. In the previous 24 hours, its trading volume was $2,285,625, and its value has increased by 0.72%. As of now, CIRUS's live market cap is $2,979,566, and it is ranked as the #763 on the Coincu. CIRUS has a circulating supply of 250,000,000 and a maximum supply of 250,000,000.

About Cirus Foundation

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Exploring the Cirus Foundation: A Revolutionary Blockchain-Powered Ecosystem

The Cirus Foundation (CIRUS) is an innovative ecosystem in the blockchain space that aims to foster the adoption of web 3.0 and establish data economics. This platform provides users with complete autonomy over their data and enables them to monetize it at their discretion.

The Cirus Foundation comprises three key components: the Cirus Device, Cirus Core Platform, and Cirus Confluence Network. These elements bring together hardware, traditional software, blockchain technology, and a tokenized ecosystem to empower users and unlock the value of data in DeFi and web 3.0 protocols.

At the heart of the ecosystem lies the Cirus hardware solution, a Wi-Fi router that collects data from connected devices, ensures security, and facilitates data sharing. By eliminating intermediaries, Cirus aims to minimize losses and grant users full control over their data, allowing them to monetize it and generate passive income.

The thriving Cirus economy revolves around the utilization of the CIRUS token, which rewards contributors, data providers, and stakers. All earnings within the ecosystem are remunerated in the form of CIRUS tokens.

The Visionaries behind Cirus Foundation

The esteemed founders of Cirus Foundation are Daniel Bland, Samartha Nagabhushanam, and Michael Luckhoo.

Daniel Bland boasts a 30-year-long history as a seasoned entrepreneur and developer in the technology industry. He possesses extensive expertise in identifying, developing, and commercializing cutting-edge technologies.

Samartha Nagabhushanam is a skilled entrepreneur with a profound understanding of the wireless, hardware, and data analytics sectors. He has held leadership positions at prominent tech companies like MindTree and Videcon Group, accumulating a wealth of experience in these domains.

Michael Luckhoo is a successful businessman and entrepreneur who has been actively involved in blockchain technology and decentralized digital assets since 2017. He has spearheaded and promoted multiple projects in the market, amassing comprehensive industry experience.

The Cirus Foundation was established in 2021 and has garnered the support of notable advisors such as former Apple CEO Gil Amelio and Finis Conner, the co-founder of Seagate and Conner Peripherals.

What Distinguishes the Cirus Foundation?

The Cirus Foundation strives to transform users' data into a digital currency, enabling them to monetize their data and optimize their earnings. The platform securely collects and processes authorized data, rewarding users with CIRUS tokens. Users retain full control over their data, deciding which data to keep private and which to monetize.

The Cirus ecosystem comprises the Cirus Device, Cirus Core Platform, and Cirus Confluence, all working in harmony to form a robust system and enhance user experience. The Cirus Device captures data from connected devices, the Cirus Core Platform integrates Ad-Tech and Blockchain technologies, and the Cirus Confluence establishes a decentralized network to support the ecosystem.

Additionally, the Cirus Foundation offers pioneering innovations such as data non-fungible tokens (dNFTs) that provide access to assets, as well as collaborations with other blockchain projects like Polygon and Scaleswap. The foundation also boasts 47 international patents pending, highlighting its commitment to innovation.

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Cirus Foundation (CIRUS) Coin Supply: A Breakdown

The CIRUS token, the native token of the Cirus Foundation, operates on the Ethereum/Polygon network as an ERC-20 token. The total fixed supply of CIRUS amounts to 250,000,000 coins, distributed as follows:

- 125 million coins allocated for ecosystem development

- 61 million coins reserved for advisors, operators, and the team

- 37 million coins designated for the token sale

- 6 million coins assigned for partnerships and grants

- 20 million coins set aside for liquidity and reserve

As of November 2021, the current circulating supply of CIRUS is 33,854,212.74 coins.

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1 CIRUS/USDT $0.02890 $1,788,807 78.26%
2 BitMart CIRUS/USDT $0.02868 $136,983 5.99%
3 KuCoin CIRUS/USDT $0.02880 $126,713 5.54%
4 MEXC Global CIRUS/USDT $0.02870 $111,852 4.89%
5 LATOKEN CIRUS/USDT $0.02869 $121,270 5.31%
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