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Gelato Network Token Price Chart Update [GEL]

Gelato Network Token Price Update Today

The GEL price update as of now is $0.2894. In the previous 24 hours, its trading volume was $270,370, and its value has decreased by -2.01%. As of now, GEL's live market cap is $70,469,090, and it is ranked as the #2543 on the Coincu. GEL has a circulating supply of 420,690,000 and a maximum supply of 420,690,000.

About Gelato Network Token

The DeFi market is expanding rapidly, leading to the creation of multiple new real estate projects. Developing and growing these projects requires a significant amount of time and budget. Gelato Network, a recently established platform, aims to assist development teams in overcoming these challenges.

Gelato Network Token: An Introduction

Gelato Network Token is an automated smart contract execution protocol that operates on public blockchains like Ethereum, Polygon, and Fantom. It serves as the underlying infrastructure for developers who outsource their web3 DevOps, providing a decentralized network of bots that enable reliable automation of various smart contracts.

Gelato Network Token automates smart contracts to address information reliability issues and offers automated bots to users. In simpler terms, developers can outsource web3 DevOps using Gelato Network Token instead of building everything from scratch, allowing them to focus on their product development.

Key Features of Gelato Network Token

Objective of Gelato Network Token

In the past, developers had to build bots for their platforms, which was time-consuming and often resulted in unsuccessful development code teams. Gelato Network Token was launched to help Web3 developers easily access smart contracts through automated bots. Since its mainnet launch, many developers have integrated the platform into their services.

Gelato Network Token serves as a deployment platform for different blockchains, enabling developers to replicate and scale dApps across multiple networks. Additionally, Gelato Network Token is a revenue-generating sustainable protocol.

Gelato Network Token's long-term vision is to become a framework for smart contracts on any platform, offering high accuracy, decentralization, and developer-friendliness. While Gelato Network Token primarily focuses on automating smart contracts, it provides superior capabilities compared to protocols on other blockchains.

Use Cases of Gelato Network Token

  • Instadapp: DeFi Asset Management Platform.
  • Limit Orders on AMMs.
  • G-UNI: Uniswap V3.
  • Liquidation Protection - Mechanism for liquidation of the aforementioned debts, KeeperDAO, and Cono Finance.
  • Automatically Harvesting Yield Farming Reward (Vault) - Automatically claim rewards for farmers.
  • NFT and Gaming.

Unique Selling Point of Gelato Network Token

With Gelato Network Token, your transactions will always execute at the right time.

Pay with ERC20 tokens or ETH: Gelato Network Token accepts various ERC20 tokens as payment for transactions. The payment method for the bot is highly flexible, allowing users to either prepay with ETH or pay with the transaction's value itself.

Reliability: Gelato Network Token has a global network of node operators to ensure that your transactions are always processed, regardless of the circumstances.

Automating Arbitrary Smart Contract Logic: Gelato Network Token can execute arbitrary logic, enabling the automation of any smart contract functionality on Ethereum. This offers limitless potential for application in specific cases.

Gelato Network Token Ecosystem

Gelato Network Token believes that everything can and will be automated. They have collaborated with leading projects in the blockchain space, ranging from public blockchain protocols to DeFi dApps and wallets.

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Gelato Network Token Markets
# Exchange Pair Price Volume Mkt Share Recommend
1 Uniswap v3 (Ethereum) GEL/WETH $0.2924 $94,939 35.11%
2 MEXC Global GEL/USDT $0.2880 $46,100 17.05%
3 GEL/USDT $0.2877 $32,063 11.86%
4 GEL/ETH $0.2875 $8,846 3.27%
5 GEL/USD $0.2879 $2,654 0.98%
6 Uniswap v3 (Polygon) GEL/WETH $0.2856 $1,169 0.43%
7 XT.COM GEL/USDT $0.2877 $44,823 16.58%
8 LATOKEN GEL/USDT $0.2878 $36,883 13.64%
9 CoinEx GEL/USDT $0.2880 $2,893 1.07%
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