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SelfKey Price Chart Update [KEY]

SelfKey Price Update Today

The KEY price update as of now is $0.007511. In the previous 24 hours, its trading volume was $6,405,753, and its value has decreased by -1.54%. As of now, KEY's live market cap is $18,619,574, and it is ranked as the #649 on the Coincu. KEY has a circulating supply of 5,999,999,954 and a maximum supply of 5,999,999,954.

About SelfKey

Introducing SelfKey

SelfKey is a revolutionary personal identification system powered by Ethereum's Blockchain technology. It aims to enhance the security of individuals' digital data and empower them to manage and control their own information. By utilizing SelfKey, users gain access to a wide range of integrated products and services, totaling more than 250 options.

Distinctive Attributes of SelfKey

The Project's Objectives

SelfKey revolutionizes personal data management by implementing a decentralized approach. Unlike traditional systems, SelfKey allows users to store their ID attributes and related documents on their own devices, rather than on SelfKey's servers or Blockchain. This innovative system grants individuals full control over their personal data, enabling them to securely decide when, what, and with whom their information is shared. SelfKey refers to this concept as "self-sovereign identity" (SSID).

The SelfKey system comprises several key components, including:

  • SelfKey Foundation: A non-profit organization responsible for operating the system.
  • Identity Wallet: Enables users to request confirmation of document certificates.
  • Marketplace Electronic Exchange: Allows users to purchase various products and services.
  • JSON-LD Protocol: Facilitates connections with third-party services that comply with KYC laws and regulations.
  • Token "KEY": The primary coin within the SelfKey ecosystem, facilitating efficient, digital, and autonomous value and information exchange.
  • Unparalleled Advantages

    By adopting the SelfKey system, the KYC verification process becomes significantly simpler and more convenient. Validators and identity holders can securely handle transactions involving sensitive data, enhancing privacy and security. The Identity Wallet provides users with a secure gateway to their ID properties and documents. Furthermore, this wallet allows for the verification and notarization of personal documents through qualified certificates. Key features of this storage module include:

    • Effortlessly manage cryptocurrency portfolios.
    • Seamlessly send, store, and receive ETH or any ERC-20 token with a single click.

    Additionally, SelfKey hosts its own marketplace, offering over 300 products and services. Some of the services available to users include:

    • Acquiring a second passport.
    • Establishing business or start-up joint ventures.
    • Opening new bank accounts.
    • Trading cryptocurrencies or participating in token sale events.

    Through its sharing protocols, SelfKey allows users to exchange personal documents with certified notaries to obtain identity certificates and reuse certificates when needed. All of these operations can be conveniently carried out via smartphones or handheld devices.

    Finally, with all data and documents stored locally instead of on centralized servers, SelfKey ensures that users have complete control over their information, without any third-party access.

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    SelfKey Markets
    # Exchange Pair Price Volume Mkt Share Recommend
    1 Binance KEY/USDT $0.007509 $2,497,839 38.99%
    2 BitMart KEY/USDT $0.007502 $410,807 6.41%
    3 Bitget KEY/USDT $0.007505 $127,710 1.99%
    4 KEY/USDT $0.007503 $56,490 0.88%
    5 Kraken KEY/USD $0.007480 $32,924 0.51%
    6 KEY/ETH $0.007498 $10,305 0.16%
    7 KuCoin KEY/ETH $0.007634 $7,297 0.11%
    8 Kraken KEY/EUR $0.007469 $5,897 0.09%
    9 KuCoin KEY/BTC $0.007425 $5,064 0.08%
    10 ProBit KEY/USDT $0.006399 $41 0%
    11 ProBit KEY/BTC $0.006708 $19 0%
    12 Nami KEY/VNDC $0.007520 $1,357,047 21.18%
    13 Nami KEY/USDT $0.007509 $1,272,154 19.86%
    14 Bilaxy KEY/USDT $0.007515 $230,364 3.6%
    15 Bitrue KEY/USDT $0.007507 $209,753 3.27%
    16 BingX KEY/USDT $0.007509 $158,805 2.48%
    17 LATOKEN KEY/USDT $0.007517 $13,126 0.2%
    18 CoinEx KEY/USDT $0.007500 $9,005 0.14%
    19 WazirX KEY/INR $0.008168 $935 0.01%
    20 Mudrex KEY/USDT $0.007512 $193 0%
    21 KEY/USDT $0.007513 $39 0%
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