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NFTb Price Chart Update [NFTB]

NFTb Price Update Today

The NFTB price update as of now is $0.008009. In the previous 24 hours, its trading volume was $421,225, and its value has decreased by -2.35%. As of now, NFTB's live market cap is $5,064,680, and it is ranked as the #1108 on the Coincu. NFTB has a circulating supply of 726,277,000 and a maximum supply of 726,277,000.

About NFTb

What Is NFTb (NFTB)?

NFTb is an innovative marketplace for non-fungible tokens (NFTs), built on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) with a focus on speed and affordability. The marketplace is set to expand to other blockchains.

NFTb is a community-owned marketplace that enables users from around the world to not only join the platform but also create, sell, or trade digital art at a fraction of the cost compared to other platforms.

Each art piece created on NFTb is unique and minted on BSC, with all related files stored on InterPlanetary File System (IPFS). IPFS is a decentralized file storage system that allows anyone to store their files on a distributed file hosting framework, ensuring the longevity and durability of the files without a central point of vulnerability.

Alongside a secure and decentralized file storage system, the NFTb team verifies all artists on the platform to maintain a high quality of digital artwork. Creators also receive royalty and income splits for future resales of their art. The NFTB token serves as the native currency of the NFTb platform, used for staking and governance activities, as well as settling platform fees.

NFTb Founders and Backing

NFTb was founded by Olexiy Fedorov, an entrepreneur from Ukraine. However, the marketplace operates as a community-governed platform with over 50,000 members. The platform is backed by influential venture capital firms such as the Binance Accelerator Program, Spark Digital, Rarestone Capital, and Next Ventures, who have collectively invested $200,000 in NFTb's seed round.

Unique Features of NFTb

NFTb aims to be a pioneer in the NFT space by providing unique, fast, and high-performance features. It also allows creators to donate a portion of their earnings to charity with each transaction. Additionally, NFTb stands out from competitors with its two-sided marketplace for digital art creators and collectors, fostering a growing community of creators and collectors.

NFTb plans to expand into an NFT marketplace that facilitates cross-chain swaps through an oracle, enabling price discovery instruments for advanced NFT trading. With BSC as the primary liquidity hub, NFTb aims to enhance cross-chain NFT liquidity and serve as a launchpad for NFT-related projects.

The entire business model of NFTb revolves around the strength of its community. The NFTB token's value is expected to increase as the community of creators and collectors grows, benefitting from the platform's functionality.

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NFTb (NFTB) Coin Circulation

There are a total of 1 billion NFTb tokens in circulation. Out of these, 120 million tokens are locked for one year for the team, with 25% being unlocked every three months to fund projects. Additionally, 450 million tokens will be released over seven years as protocol rewards.

Strategic contributors will receive 20.5% of the total token supply, while the foundation will hold another 12.5%. NFTb conducted an IDO sale where 10% of the total token supply was distributed.

Security of the NFTb Network

The NFTb network is secured using BSC's proof of stake consensus protocol. The Binance Smart Chain implements a proof of stake authority consensus mechanism, requiring network validators to stake BNB. Validators receive incentives in the form of transaction fees for proposing valid blocks. NFTb's smart contract undergoes regular security audits by Hacken, a leading cybersecurity company focused on blockchain security.

NFTb Trading Availability

NFTb is already tradable on platforms like PancakeSwap and

Potential of NFTb to Reach $1

With 1 billion tokens in existence, for the NFTb token to reach a price of $1 in the future, the market capitalization of NFTb would have to reach $1 billion. While this is feasible given the growing popularity of NFTs, it is difficult to predict when this milestone will be achieved.

Where to Buy NFTb (NFTB)?

NFTB tokens cannot be directly purchased with fiat money. However, you can acquire NFTB coins by buying BNB on a fiat currency exchange and then transferring them to an exchange where NFTB tokens are listed. Currently, NFTB is listed on PancakeSwap (V2),, and CoinW.

If you're new to cryptocurrency, you can find more information on how to enter the market and purchase BTC, NFTB, or any other token in our detailed guide here.

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1 NFTB/USDT $0.007982 $16,090 3.82%
2 NFTB/ETH $0.007961 $10,630 2.52%
3 CoinW NFTB/USDT $0.008020 $305,449 72.51%
4 LATOKEN NFTB/USDT $0.007983 $67,709 16.07%
5 XT.COM NFTB/USDT $0.008000 $13,569 3.22%
6 CoinEx NFTB/USDT $0.007958 $7,805 1.85%
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