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Telos Price Chart Update [TLOS]

Telos Price Update Today

The TLOS price update as of now is $0.3953. In the previous 24 hours, its trading volume was $11,368,118, and its value has increased by 5.53%. As of now, TLOS's live market cap is $23,791,904, and it is ranked as the #622 on the Coincu. TLOS has a circulating supply of 60,556,631 and a maximum supply of 60,556,631.

About Telos

Introducing Telos (TLOS) Telos (TLOS) is an innovative blockchain platform that enables the rapid development of decentralized applications (dApps), improves scalability, and reduces transaction costs. Since its launch in December 2018, the Telos network has gained significant attention from a large community of developers and investors. Notably, Telos has achieved decentralized growth without relying on Initial Coin Offering (ICO) or Venture Capital (VC) funding. Telos is designed with developers in mind and offers the best user experience for dApps in the market. The main goal of this blockchain is to empower future economies and provide solutions to help developers overcome global challenges. Furthermore, Telos operates as an open network where everyone has an equal opportunity to contribute and influence the platform's development. Key Attributes of the Telos Blockchain - Fast and Scalable: Telos can process 10,000 transactions per second with a block time of 0.5 seconds, which is 24 times faster than Ethereum. - No Gas Fees: Native transactions on Telos do not incur gas fees, although there may be a negligible fee on the EVM to prevent spam. - Decentralized: Telos Block Producers are distributed globally and are not owned by any single organization. - Eco-friendly: Telos is recognized as one of the most energy-efficient blockchains. - Governance Community: Telos provides governance tools that enable the community to participate in decision-making processes, from proposals to board membership. - Compatibility: Telos is compatible with a wide range of devices and operating systems. - dApp DeFi and NFT: The Telos network has witnessed the launch of numerous DeFi and NFT applications, attracting liquidity and users to the protocol. Elements of Telos Telos EVM Telos EVM is a scalable solution for Solidity-based applications, designed to revolutionize the decentralized finance (DeFi) space. Unlike other Ethereum Virtual Machines (EVMs), Telos EVM is specifically tailored to leverage the capabilities of Telos. This unique approach allows Telos EVM to overcome challenges faced by larger EVMs. Despite its distinct design, Telos EVM offers features comparable to the Ethereum EVM, making it a powerful solution for developers and users seeking a portable computing environment to meet the demands of mass adoption. The notable features of Telos EVM include: - Environmental friendliness - Scalability and affordability - DeFi microtransactions - No pre-running (front-running) - Fixed gas fee - ESG compliant Telos Native Telos Native utilizes EOSIO C++ technology for its smart contracts. This network is ideal for real-world applications across various industries. Smart contracts and Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) based on TLOS tokens are already being utilized in DeFi, gaming, social media, and countless other real-world applications. Over 100 projects have been built on the Telos platform. Roadmap For detailed information about the roadmap, please visit the link.
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Telos Markets
# Exchange Pair Price Volume Mkt Share Recommend
1 TLOS/USDT $0.3962 $2,689,639 23.69%
2 HTX Global TLOS/USDT $0.3965 $1,273,688 11.22%
3 MEXC Global TLOS/USDT $0.3961 $1,151,428 10.14%
4 BitMart TLOS/USDT $0.3962 $918,763 8.09%
5 KuCoin TLOS/USDT $0.3959 $847,925 7.47%
6 ProBit TLOS/USDT $0.3966 $608,916 5.36%
7 DigiFinex TLOS/USDT $0.3977 $422,488 3.72%
8 Bitget TLOS/USDT $0.3966 $153,114 1.35%
9 Uniswap v2 (Ethereum) TLOS/WETH $0.4044 $28,938 0.25%
10 Uniswap v2 (Ethereum) WETH/TLOS $0.3953 $28,215 0.25%
11 Bitfinex TLOS/USD $0.3966 $16,521 0.15%
12 TLOS/BTC $0.3968 $13,424 0.12%
13 Uniswap v3 (Ethereum) TLOS/WETH $0.4053 $8,107 0.07%
14 KuCoin TLOS/BTC $0.3955 $5,055 0.04%
15 Pancakeswap V3 (BSC) TLOS/USDC $0.4007 $1,144 0.01%
16 Pancakeswap V3 (BSC) USDC/TLOS $0.3953 $1,128 0.01%
17 Deepcoin TLOS/USDT $0.3902 $1,797,278 15.83%
18 Bitrue TLOS/USDT $0.3942 $843,671 7.43%
19 XT.COM TLOS/USDT $0.3966 $531,382 4.68%
20 CoinEx TLOS/USDT $0.3956 $5,844 0.05%
21 CoinEx TLOS/BTC $0.3964 $3,890 0.03%
22 CoinDCX TLOS/INR $0.4203 $1,163 0.01%
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