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DigitalBits Price Chart Update [XDB]

DigitalBits Price Update Today

The XDB price update as of now is $0.0007820. In the previous 24 hours, its trading volume was $974,582, and its value has increased by 4.17%. As of now, XDB's live market cap is $2,390,342, and it is ranked as the #755 on the Coincu. XDB has a circulating supply of 19,974,370,020 and a maximum supply of 19,974,370,020.

About DigitalBits

Understanding DigitalBits

DigitalBits (XDB) refers to a blockchain protocol specifically designed to support consumer digital assets and brand currencies. This protocol is built on the Stellar blockchain and offers unique features that cater to the needs of enterprise-grade blockchain solutions.

DigitalBits (XDB) represents an open-source cryptocurrency project that utilizes the capabilities of the Stellar blockchain to establish a secure and cost-effective global transactional payment network. This network supports various use cases, including consumer digital wealth and branded currencies. While it shares similarities with Stellar, DigitalBits differentiates itself by prioritizing interoperability for enterprise-grade blockchain applications.

Applications of DigitalBits

Developing Decentralized Applications

Developers have the option to utilize the Restful API provided by Frontier to build platforms and enhance customized apps and clients specific to their brand.

Enabling Transaction Processing

DigitalBits enables direct transactions without relying on third parties. The DigitalBits core selects trusted instances responsible for transaction processing.

Participating in Staking

On the DigitalBits blockchain, staking is a possibility. Each account must stake a minimum of 10 XDB tokens to ensure authenticity and enable the send function.

Facilitating Trades

As a bridge currency, XDB facilitates transactions between non-native tokens and enables trades between digital assets that may not have a significant direct market.

Making Payments

The DigitalBits XDB token can be used for fast and low-cost micropayments and remittances.

Unique Features of DigitalBits

The DigitalBits Network offers several unique properties, such as an open-membership system that welcomes anyone to support the network by running a node. Unlike Bitcoin, DigitalBits does not require complex mining hardware, which reduces barriers to entry and energy consumption.

Running a validator node on DigitalBits provides benefits like participation in consensus, network security, direct access to ledger data, and customization of business logic or APIs while preserving the network's history. Participants in the ecosystem benefit from improved performance without explicit requirements for uptime or node maintenance.

In contrast to many projects, DigitalBits does not subject its native token, XDB, to inflation. Instead, tokens allocated to the algorithmic pool are disseminated among network participants, making it a unique feature.


  • November 2017: Testnet Launch
  • January 2018: DigitalBits Mainnet Launch
  • February 2018: XDB Explorer Launch
  • May 2018: DigitalBits launches Partner Ecosystem Program
  • October 2018: Developer Portal Launch
  • June 2020: Sputnik
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DigitalBits Markets
# Exchange Pair Price Volume Mkt Share Recommend
1 KuCoin XDB/USDT $0.0007820 $917,348 94.13%
2 XDB/USDT $0.0007777 $28,085 2.88%
3 MEXC Global XDB/USDT $0.0007756 $24,387 2.5%
4 KuCoin XDB/BTC $0.0007721 $847 0.09%
5 CoinDCX XDB/INR $0.0008600 $3,912 0.4%
6 Bitrue XDB/USDT $0.0008246 $30 0%
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