Blockchain Security Firm Halborn Warns New Scam on MetaMask Wallet

Blockchain security firm Halborn has warned users about the latest phishing emails being targeted at the most popular cryptocurrency wallet MetaMask.

Halborn latest scam alert

In a July 28 post written by Halborn technical education expert Luis Lubeck, the active phishing campaign used email to target MetaMask users and trick them into giving out their passwords.

The company analyzed phishing emails it received at the end of July to warn users about the new scam. Halborn noted that at first glance, the email looks authentic with the MetaMask header and logo along with messages indicating that users are compliant with KYC regulations and how their wallets are verified.

Upon closer inspection, however, we noticed a LOT of red flags. Spelling errors and fake sender email addresses are two of the most obvious. Furthermore, a spoofed domain called was used to send the phishing emails.

Phishing is a social engineering attack that uses targeted emails to lure victims into revealing more personal data or clicking on links to malicious websites that attempt to steal cryptocurrency.

There’s also no personalization in the message, the company notes, which is another warning sign. Hovering over the call-to-action button reveals a malicious link to a fake website, prompting users to enter their seed phrases before redirecting to MetaMask to empty their crypto wallets.

“The best defense against phishing attacks like these is to stay vigilant when receiving emails and think twice before doing anything that seems a bit unusual or potentially suspicious. If an email contains a link to be clicked, visit the site directly instead and find the target page from there. If an attachment is unsolicited and seems suspicious, call the sender, and confirm before downloading or opening it.” 

Luis Lubeck said

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