Curve Finance Hacked $570,000 Goes To Tornado Cash, FixedFloat

Currently, Curve Finance’s hacked money is being dispersed by attackers to many places. Fortunately, one of them was frozen when discovered.

Curve Finance hacker is trying to launder money

As updated in a recent Coincu News article, Curve one of the largest exchanges holding over $6 billion TVL value has solved a hack they encountered earlier today. The hack was discovered when a Paradigm researcher tweeted that Curve’s user interface had been compromised.

Hackers took away about $570,000. They then sent money to exchanges to launder money including: Tornado Cash, FixedFloat and Binance.

Fortunately part of the stolen money was kept. As per the report, FixedFloat says it has frozen 112 ETH, about $191,088, of the stolen funds.

The hackers used a Domain Name Service (DNS) spoofing attack, duplicating the website and redirecting the DNS point to their IP address. They then add approval requirements to a malicious contract to steal funds.

The Curve team was able to find and revert the attack, and issued a statement asking everyone to revoke any contract approvals on their platform.

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