ETHVIETNAM BUIDLATHON 2022 Where Top Experts Gather

For the first time in Vietnam, an international event ETHVIETNAM BUIDLATHON 2022 bringing together the world’s top experts bringing in-depth blockchain knowledge will be held in Ho Chi Minh City on November 25th.


Vietnam is known as a country in Asia that has a keen interest in the cryptocurrency market. ETHVietnam 2022 is an annual event that focuses 100% on builders and technology, 0% speculation.

3 days of conference, networking and intense learning, bringing together up to 1000 blockchain builders, developers and enthusiasts. Includes talks, discussions and networking opportunities, future art installations, NFT AI exhibitions and special events.

ETHVietnam this time has 5 main topics:

  • NFTs + Metaverse
  • Defi + Fintech
  • Web3 + DAOs
  • Infrastructure Blockchain
  • Blockchain Technology

5 main activities at the event with 5 separate zones:

  • The main hall – area for panel discussions, talkshows, workshops, live streams and dinner parties
  • The install hall – a special area for exhibitions and exhibitions about Web3 including: infrastructure, defi, metaverse, NFTs.
  • The buidl hall – the area for both online and offline hackathons with many teams from all over the world. In particular, attendees can participate in pre-event workshops on Blockchain & Layer2
  • The chill hall – ‘relax’ area with open bar, F&B counter, networking area, live music and DJ.
  • The sprawl hall – the area for health training activities with yoga and core training,…

ETHVietnam also brings together the world’s top speakers in the blockchain industry from the Ethereum Foundation, Scroll, Ethereum Remix and especially from representatives of Vietnam’s policy-making agencies.

The event will take place from November 25 to 27


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