BabyDoge Testnet Launch Is In Less Than 24 Hours

The BabyDoge joke cryptocurrency team has stated via its Twitter account that it will deploy a testnet in less than 24 hours as promised last week. Baby Doge is a Dogecoin clone built on the BNB Chain.

Launch of the testnet soon

The coin’s team announced five days ago that the swap protocol was finished and the launch would occur on August 15.

The new Baby Doge protocol offers yield farming, staking, and fee-free token exchange. Baby Doge is now trading at $0.000000001677 and is rated 230rd on the CoinMarketCap scale.

One week ago, it was mentioned in a tweet announcing the imminent testnet launch that 100 persons who retweeted would be added to the group of beta testers.

BabyDoge holder numbers are rising

While this was happening, the @babydogeburn_ account tweeted that a significant amount of BabyDoge tokens had been burned, or locked in wallets where they could no longer be withdrawn or used in any other way.

A total of 952,493,425,331 Baby Doge tokens were burned, according to the source. However, this quantity of meme tokens is only valued at $1,583 because of the low price of Baby Doge indicated earlier. In the meantime, there are more cryptocurrency holders. At 1,603,575, it has now attained a new milestone.

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