Chris Burniske Analyst On The Risks Of The Current Market

Chris Burniske, a former lead crypto analyst at ARK Invest and current partner at Placeholder Venture Fund, has once again offered his thoughts on the present crypto market potential. This time, the analyst brought up the return on investment of a common-sense quality crypto asset if purchased regardless of market conditions.
Chris Burniske Analyst On The Risks Of The Current Market
Chris Burniske

Giving a simplified version of the calculations, the expert concluded that, if the crypto market returns to a bull phase, any acceptable crypto asset can provide a return of 475% over five years.

Burniske concluded his thoughts by stating that the biggest mistake in investing is not bad timing but utter inactivity in the crypto market. Nonetheless, every concept argues, and supporters were ready to respond to the analyst’s observations. This, however, broadened the scope of research into the most crucial aspect of crypto investing.

The market continues to exhaust participants as it trades sideways, providing both bulls and bears optimism. Bitcoin is currently hovering near key price levels of $19,500-$20,000.

Chris Burniske Analyst On The Risks Of The Current Market
BTC daily chart. Source: CoinMarketCap

For over two months, the market’s main cryptocurrency has been trading below the $25,000 price level, historically marking the bottom of the cycle. So perhaps the local climax is approaching. It’s worth waiting for the stock market to open and watching how purchasers react.

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