Cosmos price is up while other coins fall in price

The Merge took place yesterday that witnessed the down price of the crypto market, but Cosmos – ATOM shows the trend of level up. 

Cosmos price is up while other coins fall in price
Galois Capital Tweet and Cosmos price

On Twitter, Galois Capital – a crypto trading fund – has tweeted:

“Don’t be sad that it’s over; be glad that it happened.” 

This tweet showed the cheerful look of the transition into The Merge.  

On 15/09, The Merge – the most awaited event of the year – finally happened without any significant hiccups.  The price index of 12.09 also recorded the real catalyst that result in the current market. 

Cosmos price
Cosmos Price

The Merge and Cosmos price

As predicted, the bull market witnessed nothing happen, waiting for the rotation of the new bullish coins. 

The latest price on The Economic Times indicates the price of Cosmos up to 11.84%, at the price of 1,224, with ascending trendlines. 

For previous days, the price had a slight bull break then still back to the midline. Upcoming days are predicted as the uptrend resumes to retest at the 200-MA. 

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