OpenSea Launches New Update For The Platform

Market-leading NFT marketplace OpenSea launches a new update to the platform, emphasizing storytelling, simplicity, and security.
OpenSea Launches New Update For The Platform

On September 19, OpenSea released the latest update. The new experience allows projects to launch right on the exchange.

This new experience emphasizes storytelling, simplicity and security. Here’s a rundown of what’s launching:

  • Creators will soon be able to launch their collections with dedicated drop pages and greater discoverability on the (new) homepage
  • Collectors will now be able to mint directly from an OpenSea page. 
  • Drops on OpenSea will have access to SeaDrop, a new, secure open source contract that powers the drops experience so that creators don’t need to create custom smart contracts.
OpenSea Launches New Update For The Platform

New updates will be broadcast first with two projects omgKirby and Channel Tres on September 22. OpenSea aspires to expand multi-chain and foray into new mints, incorporating more analytics, improving storytelling elements, and adding more useful features.

Over the years, the NFT marketplace has continuously improved and refreshed the platform, in an effort to attract new users and stay ahead in the battle for market share. At the end of August, the platform integrated layer-2 Polygon into the Seaport protocol – developed by the project itself to improve transaction quality – along with a host of new features.

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