Solana Game Star Atlas Launches Demo On Epic

A grand strategy game of space exploration Star Atlas just rolled out its demo version, allowing studios to integrate it on the Solana NFT platform.

Star Atlas could be the traditional game-play that already existed many years before the Solana-based game create the NFT blockchain for all gaming shapes. In its path on Solana, Start Atlas aims to be the most powerful NFT-driven game. The first demo was launched on Epic Games Store, which makes players more eager to first try.

With the Unreal Engine 5 Technology, Star Atlas makes itself the full-experienced 3D environment where the player can view ships and vehicles – those invested belongings.

Solana Game Star Atlas Launches Demo On Epic
Solana Game Star Atlas Launches Demo On Epic. Source: ATMTA

According to Michael Wagner – CEO and Co-founder of Start Atlas ATMTA – the game-based model allows users to own their NFTs. In the first playable demo, the firm will select some non-owner gamers and provide them with code to own a single non-NFT ship.

For these next showrooms this year, players will enjoy more features like multiplayer and chat functions, taking out their belongings from the flight. To fulfill those characteristics, players will hold NFT – a blockchain token that allows the ownership of items in this game.

Star Atlas Screenshot
Star Atlas ScreenShot. Souce: ATMTA

The Star Atlas has launched the toolkit allowing other studios to integrate their own Unreal Engine 5-based games on the Solana NFT game network. This toolkit is built from the Foundation Software Development Kit (F-KIT) – an open-source SDK that creates room for developers on the Solana blockchain. This technology is applied in the video game industry, movies, and TVs as well.

F-KIT guarantees the faster path for bringing games on Solana that builders just take this kit and apply their own format and network, for instance, Ethereum. That’s all.

Besides the announcement of launching the playable demo on the Epic Games Store, Star Atlas also publicized much important information regarding its governance structure on DAO and the roadmap to build a game ecosystem. It also informed about the upcoming digital graphic novel for sci-fi games.

ATMTA is focusing on two versions:

  • The glossier Unreal Engine 5 is just for Epic Games Store, and
  • A web-based WebGL version is simpler.

“We still have a long road ahead,” the CEO said. “But the idea is to continuously release these iterative features so that you’re constantly getting more engagement.”

The first playable demo Start Atlas reflects its ambition to be the complete game experience on long-term of five years. By the end of 2023, this firm also release the “vertical slice” that has all functions for game lovers.

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