Opensea Encountered Technical Error, All Azuki NFT Orders Canceled

OpenSea has delisted all market orders for the NFT project Azuki. The NFT project contacted Opensea and said it was a technical error. Now that the problem has been fixed, transactions with Azuki NFT have taken place normally.

On September 30, OpenSea canceled all market orders for the NFT Azuki project. Azuki’s official team replied that they contacted the NFT trading platform about the delisting email sent to the owner of Azuki.

Later, Azuki reported that Opensea was experiencing an “error in our Trust & Safety flagging system” that confused it and temporarily removed the collection from the platform.

Azuki NFT is not the only project experiencing this problem, the NFT Bored Ape Yachut Club collection also reported a similar glitch at the end of June.

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Now the error has been fixed and transactions are taking place normally again. 2 The hit collection is back on the platform.

Luckily for Azukis, the floor price before and after Friday’s delisting was relatively flat, falling from just above 10ETH to just under 10ETH and currently sitting at 9.97ETH at press time.

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