Sam Bankman-Fried Will Acquire Celsius For $32 Billion Bid?

BnkToTheFuture founder Simon Dixon shared that FTX is “financing at a $32 billion valuation” to buy Celsius assets. Commenting on the tweet, Sam Bankman-Fried said it would determine the fair market price for Celsius, as it did with Voyager.

In a recent tweet by BnkToTheFuture Founder, Simon Dixon shared that FTX is looking to acquire the assets of bankrupt crypto lender Celsius.

According to the share, Simon Dixon said FTX CEO Sam Bankman-Fried is said to be raising $32 billion to buy Celsius assets. Right below the article, Sam also shared details on how his company will approach the acquisition of Celsius.

Bankman-Fried is that his firm’s bid is determined at “fair market price, no discount“. This is also the way to determine the bid for the recent acquisition of other bankrupt company Voyager Digital’s assets.

Bankman-Fried his company’s goal “isn’t to make money buying assets at cents on the dollar” and is instead focused on making customers whole again.

“goal isn’t to make money buying assets at cents on the dollar, it’s to pay $1 on the $1 and get the $1 back to customers. If we were to get involved in Celsius, it would be the same.”

He said

In his statement, the CEO of FTX did not correct the determined bid for Celsius at this time. Therefore, the information that FTX raised $ 32 billion to buy Celsius is still unknown.

Celsius’s situation at the moment is not very good as bankruptcy proceedings are still controversial as many regulators have filed objections to Celsius selling off its stablecoin holdings as well as reopen withdrawals for customers before the due diligence report is complete.

In addition, the former CEO of Celsius is also receiving much criticism when in an October 2 report by Finance Times accused him of withdrawing $10 million before the company stopped withdrawing with withdrawals and filed for bankruptcy.

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