Network Outages Is In The Works: Solana Co-Founder

Anatoly Yakovenko – Solana Co-founder shared his belief in the long-term solution to fix the biggest challenges of network outages.

Since 2020, the hybrid blockchain has had 5 major outages. Three of them have happened this year, coming from the overwhelmed Solana’s network bugs or bots’ artificial traffic.

“This has been the biggest challenge for us, and the number one priority,” Yakovenko told

Network Outages Is In The Works
Network Outages Is In The Works

Due to its own separate software development team, Jump Crypto‘s Solana consensus node implementation Firedancer will be the long-term solution for network outages. Jump Crypto believes in its partnership with Solana Foundation will be the key to pushing Solana’s scalability in the next two years. That being said, the leading blockchain platform can execute more transitions effectively.

“Because it’s a separate team, the probability of them having the same bugs in their code as ours becomes virtually zero,” Yakovenko said.

Yakovenko also said that most of the outage issues are human errors – or he said “an incorrectly configured validator”, so they can be fixed by humans. However, these problems just confuse the Solana network and make transactions slower. “But at no point do failures like these put any users’ funds or program state at risk because Solana has 2,000 different validators,” Yakovenko said.

With 3,400 different replicas, the Solana network has multiple backups when any failure occurs. Solana Co-founder also emphasized that the outages occur not only with its system but for other chains.

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