Celsius Interim Report Will Be Released In November

Celsius Network’s bankruptcy judge needs to issue an interim report detailing the company’s financial management and handling of customer accounts. The report can influence court decisions about guardianship accounts and priority requests.

According to Coindesk, U.S. Bankruptcy Judge Martin Glenn ruled Friday in a court hearing. An independent assessor is required to produce an interim report detailing Celsius’ financial management and handling of client accounts.

The interim report, expected to be filed in mid-November, will form part of the process to determine who owns crypto assets held in Custody and Retention accounts, and in what In either case, Depository and Retention account holders can access their accounts, according to the judgment.

The report can also influence decisions about potential priority claims and transaction recalls.

Judge Glenn expressed concern about Celsius’s management members withdrawing assets before Celsius went bankrupt. The examiner will also look at insider dealings.

Recently, the court filing totals more than 14,000 pages and includes trading details of the platform’s CEO Alex Mashinsky, as noticed by Gizmodo, which uploaded the file to the internet archive. The data does not include further personal information – such as home addresses and emails.

During the court case, Celsius asked for the names of its users to be hidden from the court filings, but the judge repeatedly refused on the basis that this is a common requirement for bankruptcy cases.

This Celsius leak may go down as one of the greatest of customer information ever. Names, balances and transaction ids. Any wallet that’s ever touched Celsius is now exposed and linked to an ID.

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