XEN Crypto Launched On BSC Chain More Than 1.53 Million Addresses Currently Participating

XEN Crypto announced that it has been launched on the BSC chain and now has more than 1.53 million participating addresses. the project is becoming a bright spot in recent days as it accounts for more than 30% of Ethereum’s transaction fees in the past days.

Xen Crypto is getting a lot of community attention as it is at the top and accounted for 32.11% of the network’s transaction fees over the past day, according to Etherscan data.

In its new announcement, the hot project has been launched on the BSC chain and currently has more than 1.53 million registered addresses. As of press time, the number of active minting addresses (Active Minters) is 1,533,651.

Native token XEN will also be officially listed on Binance tomorrow (October 13).


The self-proclaimed project founded by Jack Levin, employee number 21 of Google, has caused a fever in the crypto community due to the unique Proof of Participation mining mechanism, XEN Crypto has increased the gas fee of Initial single digit on Ethereum to about 30 gwei and it’s still going.

At the beginning of the launch, faced with such a novel model, the social media all called it a revolution. MEXC, which is always chasing hot spots, was forced to launch XEN early. However, less than 3 days later, more and more public doubts, the price of XEN dropped by 99% in one day, and MEXC had to suspend trading.

With this unexpected comeback, it has destroyed nearly 8,000 ETH since Octobrt 8, and once sent ETH into deflation for the first time since the POS transition in September.

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