Tatum Receives $41.5 Million Funding With Circle Participation

Circle, the USDC issuer, has supported the blockchain developer platform Tatum, as infrastructure businesses seek to persuade investors to part with their money.
Tatum Receives $41.5 Million Funding With Circle Participation

According to a press announcement issued on Wednesday, the $41.5 million round was headed by venture capital investor Evolution Equity Partners and included participation from Octopus Ventures, Leadblock Partners, and the Bitpanda founders, among others.

The platform, which was founded in 2018, provides solutions like NFT plug-ins for WordPress, software development kits for over 40 protocols, and an API that enables rapid NFT minting across eight blockchains.

The founder and chief technology officer Samuel Sramko said in the statement:

“By speeding the development process, Tatum is enabling companies to bring finished blockchain applications into production with an immensely faster time to market.

Tatum is fundamentally changing not only the velocity of development but also the robustness, so that more complex functionality can be more readily accomplished even without the highly technical expertise.”

Tatum Receives $41.5 Million Funding With Circle Participation

The firm claims to have over 90,000 clients, which include startups and Fortune 500 organizations, and it onboards over 7,000 new customers every month.

It is said that the funds would be utilized to finance marketing and educational operations. Other crypto infrastructure businesses have also attempted to offer instructional capabilities. In August, Alchemy purchased the Ethereum developer education site Chainshot.

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