Lens Protocol Has Problem In Mining Transactions For The Service

Gas constraints on the Polygon blockchain network, along with a building backlog on a third-party relay, caused a transaction mining problem on Lens Protocol.
Lens Protocol Has Problem In Mining Transactions For The Service

Users on the service’s Discord channel complained that they could not claim social media handles from the protocol while the problem persisted. Lens will provide an update after the mining issues are rectified, according to a tweet from the protocol.

Lens Protocol is a blockchain-based open-source social graph designed to rethink social media notions in the age of Web3 and decentralization.

Unlike modern Web2 social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook, which use social graphs to develop interconnections among social network users solely in a centralized manner, Lens Protocol is designed to be permissionless and capable of empowering content creators to own their digital roots and enabling people to uncompromisingly own the connections between themselves and the communities.

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