Kollider’s Derivatives Exchange Launches To The Public

Kollider, a cryptocurrency company, formally unveiled its derivatives market on Wednesday after obtaining $2.35 million in early investment in 2021.
Kollider's Derivatives Exchange Launches To The Public

According to the company, the round was headed by investment firm Lemniscap, with participation from Castle Island Ventures, Polychain Capital, Alameda, Pfeffer Capital, Okex, and others.

The exchange makes use of Bitcoin’s Lightning Network, allowing users to open and cancel positions straight from their Lightning wallets. The company stated:

“We believe that the Lightning Network is the most powerful tool to extend the utility, speed, and access of Bitcoin, the world’s best money. Our goal is to bring this to as many people as possible.”

Kollider's Derivatives Exchange Launches To The Public

Users may contribute capital to their positions with as low as a single sat over the Lightning Network and do not need to pre-fund their account. One Bitcoin is worth 100 million sats.

“There is no need to pre-fund an account. Users can deposit and open a position on the exchange in a single Lightning transaction, directly from their wallet of choice. This improves capital efficiency and ensures that users are only taking counterparty risk with their funds when they have an open position.”

The firm has built two versions of its product: The Kollider Lite version is a simple and easy-to-use interface designed for new users. The Kollider Pro version is a full-feature interface for more advanced users who want to take advantage of Kollider’s full suite of features and interact directly with the order book.

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