FOMO Dogecoin Project Exploding, Detecting 42 Tokens As Honeypot

Dogecoin price continuously achieved huge increases, causing a series of fomo projects to appear. currently 169 new contracts related to DOGE on Ethereum and BSC. Of which 42 tokens are suspected to be honeypot.

According to crypto loss security firm PeckShieldAlert, 169 new contracts related to DOGE have been discovered on Ethereum and BSC. The price of about 67 tokens fell by more than 90% (the price of about 45 tokens fell 100%), of which 42 were suspected to be honeypots.

Dogecoin has recently seen an amazing increase. The biggest push comes from Dogecoin fanatic, billionaire Elon Musk. On October 27, he officially completed the acquisition of Twitter after a lengthy legal battle between the two sides.

Since taking over the company, DOGE has recorded an increase of more than 25% within 24 hours and has increased continuously by 145.9% in the past week. It is currently trading at $1.4562.

The price of this hit meme coin is likely to continue to rise as Elon Musk announced he will expand the crypto app on Twitter and Binance, one of the major investors in the Twitter acquisition is also setting up a new group for blockchain and cryptocurrency research that could be useful for Twitter.

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