Goldman Sachs Developing Digital Assets Classification System

To create a taxonomy of digital assets service, Goldman Sachs is collaborating with the index provider MSCI and the cryptocurrency data company Coin Metrics.
Goldman Sachs Developing Digital Assets Classification System

Institutional investors will be the primary audience for the investment bank’s crypto categorization service. According to executives at the companies, the bank aims to assist investors in understanding cryptocurrencies.

Anne Marie Darling, Head of Marquee Client Strategy and Distribution at Goldman Sachs, stated:

“The collaboration brings together MSCI’s expertise in critical decision support tools and services, Coin Metrics’ intelligence in the digital assets space, and Goldman Sachs’ innovative platforms paired with over 150 years of experience in financial markets to help solve this problem for clients.”

Goldman Sachs Developing Digital Assets Classification System

According to Darling, the digital asset space is divided into classes, sectors, and subsectors by Goldman, MSCI, and Coin Metrics. She continued by saying that now, money managers at hedge funds and asset management firms will be able to think about cryptocurrency in more detail.

The name of the program, Datonomy, is a play on taxonomy, the scientific term for naming and categorizing the natural world.

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