Podcast #1: SuperLayer, The Future Of Community Builders Creating Transformative Web3 Experiences

In the interview podcast between Coincu Media hosted by Kaz Hwang and Eric Guan – Head of Economic Design of SuperLayer, will bring about the vision of this project in the blockchain space.

SuperLayer is the leading web3 crypto venture studio launching the next frontier of multi-chain, tokenized products. The project works with partners and teams to facilitate the launch, staffing, go-to-market, compliance, and fundraising for Web3 Projects.


Web3 is decentralized and is being built, operated, and owned by users. It attracts attention because power is in the hands of individuals rather than corporations.

SuperLayer sets itself apart from other VCs and accelerators by its success in helping brands and companies implement crypto economies using the RLY Protocol.

According to the developers, with 5x faster launch speed, trusted crypto projects can take 2-3 years to launch, but with SuperLayer can help bring your product to market for several months.

The project’s mission is to build easy-to-use consumer crypto products to attract the following 100 million people to crypto.

SuperLayer takes Kevin’s previous experience founding Rally, Forte, Blocto, Gen.G, and Kabam and is creating a venture studio to partner with world-class entrepreneurs to create new cutting-edge products. In 2021, Rally will reach a fully diluted market cap of over $3 billion.

The Podcast will share with the audience the project’s activities, tasks, and values. The signals can dispel the pessimism in the market in the series of disasters. It also outlines the role of the cryptocurrency industry in the global economic and technological transformation.

Importantly, comments on the project’s vision in the blockchain space and why the project is focused on Web3 and not other trends like GameFi, DeFi, and NFTs will also be revealed.


With the winning Web3 track record of the founders and core team, projects in the SuperLayer ecosystem gain prestige in the Web3 space.

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