Bahamas Approved Two Provisional Liquidators For FTX

The Securities Commission of the Bahamas reports that the Supreme Court of the Bahamas authorized interim liquidators to manage the assets of FTX Digital Markets Ltd.
Bahamas Approved Two Provisional Liquidators For FTX

Kevin Cambridge and Peter Greaves of PricewaterhouseCoopers were approved as joint provisional liquidators, and Brian Simms has been appointed as a court-supervised provisional liquidator.

In the release, the Bahamian authorities express aspirations to interact with other supervisory agencies on a regulator-to-regulator basis, highlighting the multijurisdictional character of the FTX problem.

The Bahamas securities regulator suspended FTX’s registration status and froze the assets of its local subsidiary on November 10, which was followed by the appointment of a provisional liquidator. According to reports, the Royal Bahamas Police Force was also looking into FTX as part of a probe into potential criminal activity.

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