Twitter Will Launch Colorful Verified User System In Response To The Confusion Around Blue Checks

Since Elon Musk took over Twitter, it’s been a wild month, and now the authentication process is about to undergo even more changes.
Twitter Will Launch Colorful Verified User System In Response To The Confusion Around Blue Checks

The social networking site will add gold and gray checks for businesses and governments, respectively, to its verification choices.

Individuals will continue to receive blue checks, and if they are members of particular organizations, they may also receive additional, lesser checks.

Before receiving a checkmark, all confirmed accounts will undergo manual authentication, according to Musk. In a tweet, he described the updates as “painful, but necessary.”

Since Musk became the company’s CEO, Twitter has undergone significant changes, firing thousands of employees and restoring previously banned accounts.

Prior to Nov. 9, blue checks were only available to famous people and public figures, but Musk has since made them available to anyone who is willing to pay $8 per month.

It had a mixed response, and detractors expressed worries that it would lead to an increase in scams. Users were able to create accounts mimicking people like former U.S. President George W. Bush and sports player LeBron James with the added benefit of plausibility thanks to their blue check status since anyone could acquire one.

Musk later suspended the system and promised that it wouldn’t start up again until there was “great certainty of stopping imitation.”

It will likely resume next week, according to the Twitter team. Some modifications have already been made, such as the requirement that new accounts wait 90 days after their establishment before purchasing a Twitter Blue subscription.

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