Indexing Service The Graph To Add Support For Polygon Blockchain

Decentralized indexing protocol The Graph will add support for Polygon.
Indexing Service The Graph To Add Support For Polygon Blockchain

Polygon-based apps will soon be able to run on Graph’s fully-decentralized application programming interface (API) rather than the presently utilized hosting service.

Indexers are node operators in The Graph Network that stake Graph Tokens (GRT) in order to provide indexing and query processing services. Indexers earn query fees and indexing rewards for their services. They also earn from a Rebate Pool that is shared with all network contributors proportional to their work, following the Cobb-Douglas Rebate Function.

GRT that is staked in the protocol is subject to a thawing period and can be slashed if Indexers are malicious and serve incorrect data to applications or if they index incorrectly. Indexers also earn rewards for delegated stake from Delegators, to contribute to the network.

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Indexers select subgraphs to index based on the subgraph’s curation signal, where Curators stake GRT in order to indicate which subgraphs are high-quality and should be prioritized. Consumers (eg. applications) can also set parameters for which Indexers process queries for their subgraphs and set preferences for query fee pricing.

According to a blog post, joining The Graph Network would allow Polygon developers to obtain the data they need to boost the effectiveness of their dapps. Polygon node operators can help by becoming Polygon Indexers, which service the network’s dapps. Indexers are compensated and charged query costs for the subgraphs they serve.

Previously, in September, The Graph Foundation announced the launch of MIPs, a multi-chain incentive program that encourages Indexers to add support for new chains on the decentralized network, allowing for the migration of multi-chain subgraphs. Polygon will be the program’s newest participant.

Indexing Service The Graph To Add Support For Polygon Blockchain

Polygon is the second most popular supported chain after Ethereum, and it is followed by Gnosis.

Polygon’s integration is part of a larger plan to phase out The Graph‘s hosted service, which currently supports 39 networks, in favor of The Graph’s proprietary decentralized network Gnosis.

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