Bankman-Fried Says He Is Willing To Testify On December 13

On December 9th, FTX founder Sam Bankman-Fried just retweeted that he still cannot access most of his data (professional or personal), so what he can say in the imminent hearing would be limited.
Sam Bank-Fried Is Willing To Testify On December 13

According to his tweet in response to Maxine Waters, SBF stated that he will not be helpful due to his limitation of having access to the firm’s data, but he is willing to testify at the hearing as the committee still considers his presence to be useful.

The founder of FTX expressed a sense of willingness to attend the imminent hearing, in which SBF said that he will try to be as helpful as possible by clarifying information about FTX US’s solvency and US customers, and actions that can be taken in order to return money to international users. Beside that, Bankman-Fried will also give his opinion on the root that caused the collapse of FTX and his own failures.

Additionally, Sam Bankman-Fried said that he once considered himself a model CEO who has no sense of laziness or being disconnected while hoping people can learn from the difference between what he was and what he could have been.

Previously, Bankman-Fried responded to Three Arrows Capital co-founder Zhu Su who said that it is unfortunate given how long crypto society and the media have let SBF’s sham continue.

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