Magic Eden Announces Discount And Rewards System For Users

In accordance with participation on the platform, members of Magic Eden are now able to earn awards, discounts, and other benefits. The rewards system officially launches on December 14 with five tiers of rewards for users to earn points toward the program.
Magic Eden Announces Discount And Rewards System For Users

The top NFT and gaming marketplace in Solana, Magic Eden, will provide discounts and NFTs to users based on their activities. The action comes after other initiatives to increase user engagement on the platform, including reinstating the creator royalty system. Additionally, Chief Gaming Officer Chris Akhavan will be working with the platform to increase web3 gaming sales.

Magic Eden will continue to waive the platform charge until the end of 2022, after which it will introduce a new “dynamic maker/taker model” for platform fees in January 2023. The concept would essentially share the payments between buyers and sellers, rather than the business receiving a cut from both

The executives said users may anticipate transaction discounts between 5% and 45% depending on the trader’s position until the fees resume. The firm is also collaborating with “ecosystem partners” to offer early access invite codes and trade research tools to the lineup, even if the price of Magic Eden Rewards NFTs is determined by market value.

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