Hooked Protocol First Batch Of HOOK Airdrop

Hooked Protocol announced that the first batch of HOOK airdrop will be directly distributed to the eligible addresses starting at 15:00 UTC today.
Hooked Protocol First Batch Of HOOK Airdrop

Existing Hooked Party Pass NFT holders who have minted the NFT before the Hooked Halloween Party event ends will be eligible to claim.

The HOOK token airdrop is planned to recognize early supporters of the Hooked platform and to provide ongoing motivation to co-build the community as a whole.

The airdrop will be extended to all ecosystem contributors, specifically those who participated in the Halloween campaign and minted their Party Pass NFTs to record their initial interactions in the protocol, those who have been active and helpful in the social media platforms to build a harmonious community environment, and participants who have made a continuous dedication in our application ecosystem.

Hooked Protocol First Batch Of HOOK Airdrop

Based on the aforementioned range of considerations and reasons, the protocol will conduct the 6 batches airdrop in a way that rewards ongoing participation and involvement rather than one-time engagements.

All whitelisted members will receive the Hooked Party Pass Season 2 NFT in the wallet provided previously in the platform discord #submit-wallet channel on December 28. Holders will have access to the second batch airdrop event. The distribution for this batch will happen on February 1, 2023.

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