FTX Bankruptcy Judge Allowed Media About “Disclosure Of List Of Creditors” At Hearing

A US judge overseeing FTX’s bankruptcy said Friday he will allow media companies to hold hearings for the crypto exchange to collapse must publicly disclose the names of its creditors.

According to Reuters, FTX bankruptcy judge John Dorsey on Friday said it would allow the New York Times, Dow Jones, Bloomberg and Financial Times to held a hearing on January 11 to request the publication of a list of creditors building on its argument.

FTX argues that disclosing details about creditors (including customers) could expose customers to fraud and violate privacy laws and could also lead to competitors poaching users, thereby undermining FTX’s ability to find valuable potential buyers.

As previously reported, “Financial Times”, “The Wall Street Journal”, “New York Times” and Bloomberg have filed lawsuits to release the list of creditors of this exchange. The news organizations argued that though rearranging the creditors’ contact information was necessary for security reasons. But releasing the names of those creditors would not create identity theft or personal danger.


They requested the release of the specific identities of FTX’s more than 100,000 creditors, as well as the specifics of the top 50 creditors (total debt is about $3.1 billion).

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