Top Solana NFT Collections In 2022

As a quick, safe, and scalable blockchain platform, the Solana network enables programmers to create decentralized apps at scale. The Solana network’s support for non-fungible tokens (NFTs) is one of its core features. One of the most often used platforms for NFT trading is Solana. Coincu will rank the top Solana NFT collections in this post based on trading volume.
Top Solana NFT Collections In 2022


The largest NFT project on the Solana blockchain at the moment is. DeGods. It is creative, community-focused, constantly gives back to its holders, involves well-known people like IceCube, and much more.

All of these characteristics have contributed to DeGods’ current success. At the time this was written, DeGod’s floor price was 460 SOL. This project has progressed to become a. blue-chip NFT collection, and if it continues to grow at the current rate, it may surpass all other NFT collections worldwide.

Top Solana NFT Collections In 2022

Frank’s management of Degods is an example of how an NFT project may succeed by collaborating with the community to produce value for those that invest, are creative, and build in public. The Degods team is very concerned with the technical development of their project as well as the decentralization of authority to guarantee that the community retains control.

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Okay Bears

Okay Bears is the most actively traded NFT on Solana, outpacing even the first Solana NFT collections like Degenerate Ape Academy and Solana Monkey Business.

The Okay Bears identify as a cultural shift. A. 10,000-piece clean NFT collection of various bears to create a good community that will extend from the internet into the physical world. We are going to be okay is the project’s tagline. The blueprint of Okay Bears is what distinguishes them as a remarkable collection.

Top Solana NFT Collections In 2022

While the majority of NFT projects have plans, Okay Bears goes further and offers a whole blueprint. The park, workshop, gallery, boutique, studio, platform, and bear market are among the seven components of this.

The artist known as Beeple has produced a series of digital works titled Okay Bears. The collection includes a wide variety of sculptures and images, all of which are highly intricate and well-made.


The creators of the wildly successful DeGods NFT initiative also produced y00ts. Due to this, it was one of the most anticipated collections at the time of release. y00ts, which were once known as duppies, is a total of 15,000 in existence. The mint price for a y00ts was $375 USDT. At the time of writing, the collection has a floor price of $140.

Top Solana NFT Collections In 2022

y00ts’ designers decided against using the standard raffle method to whitelist buyers. If you previously had a DeadGod, your name was immediately added to the whitelist; otherwise, you may apply for the scholarship that would identify those who appeared healthy enough to buy a y00ts. Once that person passed the exam, their name would be made public on Yoots Mint Toob’s official Twitter account.

Degenerate Ape Academy and Degen Trash Pandas

On August 28, 2021, The Degenerate Ape Academy officially opened. Although it wasn’t the first generative NFT on the Solana blockchain, it was the first significant initiative that marked the beginning of Solana’s rise and the ensuing NFT boom.

Due to its role in the creation of the Candy Machine NFT-minting protocol, Degen Ape Academy has a history and provenance on the Solana blockchain. The protocol was written by Metaplex developers who stepped in at the last minute, and it was used for subsequent NFT deployments on Solana.

Top Solana NFT Collections In 2022

Two of the most well-liked and well-known NFT collections on Solana are the Degenerate Ape Academy and Degen Trash Pandas collections. Both collections, which concentrate on digital art, have a wide variety of NFTs.

One of the most varied collections is the Degenerate Ape Academy collection, which includes NFTs from a variety of genres and artistic movements. More experimental and abstract work can be found in the Degen Trash Pandas collection.

Both collections have large trading volumes on the Solana network due to their high liquidity.

ABC (AbarakaDabra)

Another NFT collection that Solana has witnessed skyrocket in both popularity and price. The ABC or AbrakaDabra NFT collection has demonstrated to crypto and NFT lovers all around the world that you can create enough buzz about your project without a showy launch or even a dedicated social media profile.

Yes, the ABC initiative lacks a team, a plan, a social media presence, and royalties. Quite a few individuals have expressed interest in it because it is a fascinating topic. To top it all off, the project’s developer, HGE.Sol (Twitter handle) released the full 10,000-piece collection at once without any mints or other extras. In the end, this action even caused the website where the collection was published to crash.

Top Solana NFT Collections In 2022

The collection’s floor price has risen to 138 SOL as of the time this article was written. This alone demonstrates how well the project has gone. But it’s crucial to remember that this was never intended to be a venture that people would consider an investment.

If potential buyers believed that the floor price would increase in the future or that HGE.Sol himself might take some action to “pump the collection,” but the creator actively discouraged them from purchasing the collection. As he stated, it was a chance for him to recreate the carefree and enjoyable moments of his youth and produce artwork that would capture that feeling.

Solana Monkey Business (SMB)

SMB is an acronym for the 5000 pixelated monkeys that make up Solana Monkey Business. On August 3, 2021, this collection’s minting came to an end, with a mint cost of 2 SOL.

It has established itself as the most valuable Solana NFT collection to date, with a floor price of 253 SOL.

Top Solana NFT Collections In 2022

According to many analysts, SMB’s floor pricing represents a good sign for the Solana blockchain and the NFT industry as a whole. However, despite SMB’s high floor price, it is still somewhat modest in comparison to ETH’s blue-chip holdings.

Although SMB’s floor price is significantly higher than that of its Ethereum competitors BAYC and MAYC, one significant advantage it has over those competitors is the absence of gas fees, which is made possible by the Solana blockchain.


Top Solana NFT collections in 2022 above are personal opinion articles, selected and collected data and evaluated over time.

It also demonstrates how quickly the Solana blockchain is still expanding, hour by hour and day by day. The prices might also fall, and not all of the NFTs on this list that we highlighted will be profitable.

Whichever Solana NFTs you choose to purchase, keep in mind that they are less liquid than tokens and that you might have to hold off on selling these works of art until you find a buyer.

DISCLAIMER: The Information on this website is provided as general market commentary and does not constitute investment advice. We encourage you to do your own research before investing.

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