Top 5 Best dApp Projects On Cardano Blockchain You Can’t Miss

Cardano is one of the largest cryptocurrencies by market capitalization. It is designed to be a flexible, sustainable, and scalable blockchain platform for running smart contracts. This will allow the development of a wide range of decentralized financial applications, new crypto tokens, games, and more. Today’s article will share with you the top 10 best dApp projects on Cardano that you should take advantage of.
Top 3 Best dApp Projects On Cardano Blockchain You Can't Miss

Before learning about projects, let’s have an overview of Cardano Blockchain.

Cardano’s ICO, ADA token, in December 2016 helped the team raise over $62 million. Cardano was launched in September 2017 by Charles Hoskinson, the co-founder of Ethereum, and aims to be a third-generation blockchain project (or blockchain 3.0) based on the pioneering technology of Bitcoin (the world’s) first generation) and Ethereum (second generation). Cardano aims to be a highly scalable and energy-efficient intelligent contract platform.

The Ouroboros consensus mechanism is based on peer-reviewed research by computer scientists and cryptographers from the University of Edinburgh, the University of Tokyo, and others. Their goal is to build a decentralized network that can validate transactions securely in a scalable way while ensuring that the Cardano platform is as energy efficient as possible.

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Cardano is one of the most innovative and exciting blockchain projects in the space, referred to by many as the “Third Generation” blockchain network. It is often praised for its advanced functionality and cryptography compared to older blockchains, which is slower and less efficient.

Cardano’s ADA native token is also used to power platforms like Ethereum’s ETH. It is used in the blockchain’s PoS consensus mechanism to pay transaction fees on the network and reward users for participating in Cardano staking.

In the future, it could also become a governance token that allows holders to vote on changes and upgrades to the Cardano platform.

1. Minswap (MIN)

Top 3 Best dApp Projects On Cardano Blockchain You Can't Miss

Minswap is an automated market-maker (AMM) decentralized exchange (DEX) that supports multiple pricing functions for a single liquidity pool. Traditionally centralized exchanges have been backed by large trading firms or brokerage houses with deep capital funding. They would earn profits through the spread that the centralized exchanges were offering. Minswap leverages the concepts of DeFi and AMM to allow individual retailers to pool their funds and provide the same service as trading firms. Through pooling funds, individuals can become the market markers and earn profits from the spread, while traders gain access to competitive rates.

Liquid Finance enables users to lend and borrow against their Cardano assets through AMMs. Minswap builds on this and allows users to trade pairs directly as a decentralized exchange. Both provide large volumes of liquidity to the space and help build out the Cardano blockchain by providing fluid transactions of Cardano native assets. SundaeSwap is another project trying to help build out the Cardano ecosystem by providing an additional decentralized exchange protocol.

The Babel fee mechanism on MinSwap allows users to pay transaction fees with other tokens without having to hold ADA, which is another innovative feature of the platform. This is a traditional game changer on the Ethereum platform. Users need to keep ETH to swap any two ERC20 tokens, which can cause enormous difficulties, especially for users. The newbie must understand that it’s necessary to hold ETH to cover network fees among more than 10,000 tokens in the Ethereum ecosystem.

MinSwap is also compatible with Ethereum, which has an ERC20 converter that is highly convenient for connecting assets across networks.

Another notable positive mention is around the platform’s MIN token. The DeFi platform has undergone a fair launch, which is rare nowadays. There are no private or VC rounds, ensuring that the community benefits and not early speculators, investors, and insiders who have no intention of using the platform.

Therefore, Minswap is considered a solid DEX that meets the supply and demand of an exchange ecosystem.

2. Liqwid Finance (LQ)

Top 3 Best dApp Projects On Cardano Blockchain You Can't Miss

Liqwid Finance is an open-sourced, algorithmic, non-custodial interest rate protocol. What this means is that it creates liquidity pools for lenders and borrowers. The interest rates are automated through a type of automated market maker (AMM) which is calculated based on the lender supply and borrower demand for any particular asset.

Liqwid Finance is one of the flagship DeFi protocols on the Cardano blockchain. By using an automated market maker users remain in full control of their assets when they go to borrow or lend rather than depositing them with a centralized custodian. All liquidity pools on Liqwid Finance are exclusive to a native asset on the Cardano blockchain. The project creates a robust and secure marketplace where borrowers can find competitive rates, and lenders can earn passive income on their crypto assets.

3. SundaeSwap (SUNDAE)

Top 3 Best dApp Projects On Cardano Blockchain You Can't Miss

As the competition is so close between MinSwap and Sundaeswap, we figured it was only fair to mention the other leading DEX on Cardano. SundaeSwap is a decentralized exchange protocol for the Cardano network that enables native and ADA asset exchanges peer-to-peer in a trustless decentralized manner. 

SundaeSwap is an Automated Market Maker (AMM) similar to the likes of Uniswap and essentially performs in the same way but on Cardano instead of the Ethereum network. Instead of the more common buy and sell orders found on order book systems on exchanges, Sundaeswap creates a “Liquidity Pool” of reserves between two assets, where the value of both assets is more or less equal. 

Once the pool is populated with assets, a trader submits a trade for one of the two assets in the pool, resulting in the price of both assets increasing or decreasing, creating a new market rate. Instead of filling a buy or sell order of another trader, the trader is buying or selling directly within the pool.

The SundaeSwap protocol works using a permissionless, decentralized system, meaning it can be accessed by anyone, anywhere, with no restrictions. As long as a user has a Cardano wallet and internet access, they can add and remove liquidity from a pool and swap assets. 

The SundaeSwap interface is well-designed, easy to use, and the liquidity is sufficient for most traders’ needs. 

The SUNDAE token is a utility token central to the operation of the SundaeSwap DEX. As the protocol establishes a DAO and is placed in the hands of the community, the SundaeSwap token will represent voting power within the organization.

Top 3 Best dApp Projects On Cardano Blockchain You Can't Miss

The entire SUNDAE supply will be 2,000,000,000 tokens, with the majority distributed to users of the protocol. 55% of the SUNDAE supply went to the public, 5% to the initial stake pool offering, 25% went to the team, 13% to investors, 5% to future hires and 2% to investors.

4. World Mobile Token (WMT)

Top 3 Best dApp Projects On Cardano Blockchain You Can't Miss

The World Mobile Token is a blockchain-based solution for telecommunications infrastructure. The goal of the project is to develop a sharing economy around telecommunications and to connect the 3.7 billion people globally that are still unconnected to the internet. By connecting the unconnected people to the internet, World Mobile Token also opens up a multitude of opportunities for these people. Having a decentralized digital ID enables access to online banking, microcredit loans, healthcare, online education, as well as unlocking 3.7 billion new content creators and innovators.

The problem that World Mobile Token is trying to solve is how to make the creation and maintenance of telecommunications infrastructure affordable and sustainable. This is a particularly difficult problem in remote and underdeveloped regions where the cost to develop the infrastructure using traditional means is simply not cost-effective.

The rewards for using the app and providing information to be recorded on the blockchain are then shared between World Mobile Token and the community the air node is located in. These rewards can be used to pay off the balance of the air node which incentivizes people to use the dApp. These profits can be used to pay off the balance of the hardware which then becomes community-owned and operated as a small business creating lasting sustainability in the area.

5. AnetaBTC (cNETA)

Top 3 Best dApp Projects On Cardano Blockchain You Can't Miss

The problem anetaBTC is trying to solve is how to enable users to leverage the value of their Bitcoin on other blockchain projects. By enabling users to leverage the value of their Bitcoin, anetaBTC also provides much-needed liquidity to DeFi applications on other blockchains. It does this by creating a synthetic wrapped Bitcoin asset that transfers the full value of the Bitcoin on a 1:1 basis. Holders of anetaBTC are then able to access several applications through a wrapped Bitcoin application including yield-earning products, futures derivatives, and lending.

AnetaBTC is not the first project to introduce the concept of a wrapped Bitcoin. In 2019 the first wrapped Bitcoin product WrappedBTC was available on the Ethereum blockchain. It was developed by BitGo, Kyber Network, and Ren.

There are two main differences between the WrappedBTC and anetaBTC. The first is simply that they are developed for different blockchains. Wrapped BTC runs on the Ethereum blockchain, whereas anetaBTC was developed for the Ergo and Cardano blockchains. The second and more important difference between the two projects is that anetaBTC is entirely decentralized whereas WrappedBTC is centralized and runs through BitGo as a custodian. This means BitGo has full legal control over all of the locked Bitcoin wrapped in wBTC whereas anetaBTC allows users to keep full control of their BTC. AnetaBTC achieves this through fully-audited open-sourced smart contracts that allow Bitcoin holders to directly mint and redeem anetaBTC when they choose.


Above are the 5 best dApp projects on Cardano Blockchain. Although the network is still not quite as fast and powerful as the project theory is, the network is still going strong despite the bear market. In particular, Cardano completed the long-awaited Vasil hard fork in September 2022. This is considered an important milestone in its development and expansion.

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