FLOKI Can Be Used As Collateral For Venus Protocol On The BNB Chain

Key Points:
  • Venus Protocol, the most prominent loan protocol on BNB Chain, is expected to collateralize and approve Floki (FLOKI) in the near future, according to recent reports.
  • Venus has high expectations that Floki may be turned into a mortgage option so that she can borrow money from the initiative.
Venus Protocol is the second largest DeFi project on BNB Chain. Its goal is to make it possible for the collateralized memecoin FLOKI to borrow other currencies.
FLOKI Can Be Used As Collateral For Venus Protocol On The BNB Chain

The most prominent lending protocol on BNB Chain, Venus Protocol, has announced that it is ready to start accepting Floki as collateral. This token is a “dog-type” memecoin project that was created in 2021 and named after the his dog, who belongs to billionaire Elon Musk. Venus is making this step in the hopes of transforming this meme coin into a property mortgage option to secure money that has been borrowed from the project, which at the time of this writing is recording a lockout value (TVL) of up to 800 million dollars.

Users of the BNB Chain are able to utilize FLOKI as collateral for loans of USDT, USDC, BNB, and a variety of other alternative cryptocurrencies. Holders of this tokens now have access to additional liquidity alternatives, and they do so without having to sell their tokens.

FLOKI Can Be Used As Collateral For Venus Protocol On The BNB Chain

The procedure of incorporating FLOKI into Venus has now been initiated and is anticipated to be finished in the month of March. The price of FLOKI during the beginning of 2023 has been one of the best performers, increasing by more than 700% in a little less than a month’s time.

Recently, the Floki Inu community agreed to burn 4.97 trillion tokens on a cross-chain bridge to minimize transaction costs. The idea was passed with a 99.97% vote in favor of burning coins on the cross-chain bridge and a 0.03% vote against it, according to the developers. 4.97 trillion tokens were burned (worth $55 million when the proposal was launched) and were valued $102 million at the conclusion of the DAO voting.

At the end of January, Floki gave his approval to a plan to burn 100 million tokens and to hasten the creation of the Vahalla metaverse gaming project.

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