Babel Finance Plans To Launch Stablecoins To Offset A $766 Million Debt

Key Points:
  • Babel Finance intends to create a “debt relief stablecoin” for a $766 million loss.
  • The business’s co-founder has filed a petition for protection with a Singapore court, requesting the court to urge creditors not to sue Babel over the next six months to give the company more time to restructure.
Babel Finance, a cryptocurrency loan firm, is trying to develop a decentralized stablecoin to help consumers overcome massive debt owing to them as a result of events in 2022.
Babel Finance Plans To Launch Stablecoins To Offset A $766 Million Debt

Yang Zhou, co-founder of Babel Finance, a crypto lender that was heavily affected by the mid-2022 crypto market collapses, intends to develop a decentralized stablecoin and utilize the proceeds to settle a $766 million debt owing to consumers. The co-founder has filed a petition for protection with the Singapore court, requesting that the creditor refrain from taking legal action against Babel for the next six months to give him additional time for restructuring.

Babel Finance’s reorganization plan includes a plan to pay off debts using the proceeds of a decentralized stablecoin project dubbed “Hope”, according to sources from Bloomberg. Hope will employ BTC and ETH as collateral and anchor the price to USD, similar to the notorious DAI (collateralized with USDC, ETH) or UST method (collateralized with LUNA). The distinction between Hope and Terra’s stablecoin is that the collateral is not established by the same business that generated LUNA-UST.

Babel Finance Plans To Launch Stablecoins To Offset A $766 Million Debt

In 2019, the Bitfinex exchange opted to release 1 billion stablecoins Unus Sed Leo (LEO) to compensate for the $850 million frozen by regulators in a number of nations, and it was successful in doing so. Babel’s side also accused Wang Li, another firm co-founder, of being incompetent in the management process and inflicting $ 766 million in customer money damages. Mr. Wang Li was ousted from his roles of leadership at Babel Finance in December 2022.

Babel’s total assets in deficit included $524 million in BTC, ETH, and other altcoins lost as a result of Wang’s trading activity, as well as $242 million in collateral liquidated by other companies when the firm failed to respond. Deposit request made on time. Babel Finance is a bitcoin loan firm founded in China in 2018 that is fast expanding due to the local market. By May 2022, the business had raised $80 million at a $2 billion value. The cryptocurrency market’s chain collapse in 2022 has bankrupted a number of centralized crypto business models (also known as CeFi), including Celsius, Voyager, and Genesis. With a credit of $150 million USD, Babel Finance is Genesis’ third largest creditor.

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