HIVE Blockchain Produced 282 Bitcoins, A 12.8% Increase Over The Previous Month

Key Points:
  • In the month of March 2023, HIVE produced 282 Bitcoin through ASIC and GPU mining operations, reflecting an average of 91 Bitcoin per Exahash and a hashrate of 3.09 EH/s.
  • HIVE sold all of the Bitcoin we received from GPU mining hashrate payouts.
HIVE Blockchain presents a March 2023 production report that includes over three exahashes of production.
HIVE Blockchain Produced 282 Bitcoins, A 12.8% Increase Over The Previous Month

“We are very happy to be producing 282 Bitcoin while difficulty has reached an all-time high,” said Frank Holmes, Executive Chairman of HIVE. Furthermore, our average daily HPC income climbed by 14% month over month from February to March.”

In March 2023, HIVE Blockchain’s total Bitcoin production was 282 BTC.

  • The daily mining of bitcoins averages out to 9.1 BTC.
  • As of the 31st of March, there was a total hashrate availability of 3.36 Exahash for Bitcoin, which was comprised of 3.06 Exahash for ASIC BTC hashrate and 0.3 Exahash for GPU BTC equivalent Hashrate.
  • Average of 3.09 Exahashes each month, or 91 Bitcoins per Exahash, with 2.88 Exahashes of ASIC mining capability and 210 PH/s of Bitcoin GPU mining power throughout the course of the month.
  • Considerations about the complexity of the network have a significant impact on the gross profit margins of HIVE Blockchain. On the first of March, the difficulty of the Bitcoin network was 43.1T, and on the 31st of March, it achieved a new all-time high of 46.8T. As a direct consequence of this, the difficulty of mining Bitcoin was around 9 percentage points higher when the month ended compared to when it began.
HIVE Blockchain Produced 282 Bitcoins, A 12.8% Increase Over The Previous Month

The Bitcoin Network Difficulty is a measure that is accessible to the public and reveals the total number of Bitcoin miners that are active. This metric is helpful for determining a HIVE Blockchain’s gross profit margins as well as the amount of Bitcoin that is produced. It is the goal of any Bitcoin miner to utilize the most effective Bitcoin ASIC chips, and we are glad to announce that we have improved our global fleet despite the current bear market in cryptocurrencies.

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