Polygon Pos Bridge Is Now Available For Polygon zkEVM

Key Points:

  • Polygon has announced the availability of the Polygon PoS Bridge for Polygon zkEVM.
  • Polygon Bridge provides roughly the same user experience as Polygon PoS.
  • Transaction history, a visible progress bar, and a recent transaction panel with completion status are among the UX enhancements.
Polygon PoS Bridge is now available for Polygon zkEVM, whose beta version was released last month.
Polygon Pos Bridge Is Now Available For Polygon zkEVM

Scalability options for decentralized apps (dApps) operating on the Ethereum blockchain network are provided by the Polygon zkEVM network.

The bridge includes a number of UX changes based on community input, such as a more visible progress bar, transaction history, and recent transaction panel with color-coded completion status, time estimates for outstanding transactions, and the option to filter.

The Polygon Bridge for Polygon zkEVM will provide the same user interface as the Polygon PoS mainnet. It does, however, have a number of UX enhancements that integrate community input.

Polygon Pos Bridge Is Now Available For Polygon zkEVM

In the crypto sector, the notion of ‘Bridges’ is highly popular since it facilitates the movement of assets between multiple blockchain platforms. Bridges transmitted using zk-technology, on the other hand, are much superior to normal ones since they are totally managed by smart contracts, one on the Polygon zkEVM and the other on Ethereum.

With the release of the Polygon Bridge for Polygon zkEVM, users will be able to withdraw money from the Ethereum mainnet within 30-60 minutes after starting the withdrawal. The Polygon Bridge will handle some of the most popular assets among users, including as ERC-20 tokens and the enhanced functionality of ERC-777 tokens.

When a user initiates the bridging transaction, the bridged token is automatically mapped. This is a significant UX improvement over existing chains, which need users to map tokens before bridging, which may take hours or even days.

Polygon was released as Mainnet Beta last month after months of testing. Anybody may use it to transact and construct since it is permissionless, open source, and public.

Premier dApps like Lens and Balancer, blue-chip gaming projects like Midnight Society and Oath of Peak, and trusted infrastructure suppliers like ANKR, Alchemy, Sequence, and The Graph are already working on the Mainnet Beta.

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