Avalanche Powering Smart Contracts With Web2 APIs Using Chainlink Functions

Key Points:

  • Chainlink Functions is now live on the Avalanche Fuji testnet.
  • Developers of smart contracts in the ecosystem may now utilize Chainlink Functions to quickly connect Web2 APIs.
  • Additionally, developers may meet their external data and computation requirements without interacting with node operators.
Chainlink intends to enhance its interoperability with blockchain systems and enable new use cases for hybrid smart contracts. Similarly, the crypto business is eager to join the vast network; in this instance, Avalanche got a Chainlink service on the blockchain.
Avalanche Powering Smart Contracts With Web2 APIs Using Chainlink Functions

Chainlink Functions, a serverless developer platform that allows anybody to connect any Web2 API to a smart contract, is currently live on the Avalanche Fuji testnet.

Chainlink is still under testing since it was built on top of Avalanche Fuji, the blockchain testnet. Chainlink’s integration with Avalanche was mentioned during the most recent Avalanche Summit on May 5, however, the service was just deployed today.

Chainlink Functions enable new Web3 and Web2 integrations. Web3 developers could not previously link their smart contracts to existing Web2 APIs. This would provide access to social media signals, artificial intelligence computers, messaging services, and much more. Ava Labs’ Vice President of Business Development, John Nahas, emphasized the importance to developers:

“The integration of Chainlink Functions unlocks a multitude of new and exciting smart contract use cases for the Avalanche ecosystem as it simplifies the developer experience of connecting Web3 apps with Web2 data sources. Developers can now connect their smart contract to any Web2 API in minutes to unlock the next big use case for Web3 while taking advantage of both the proven security and reliability of the Chainlink Network.”

Chainlink Functions may be used with other high-quality Chainlink services offered on Avalanche, such as Chainlink Data Feeds, Chainlink VRF, and Chainlink Automation.

Avalanche Powering Smart Contracts With Web2 APIs Using Chainlink Functions

Web2 developers, on the other hand, were unable to use their current infrastructure while developing a Web3 application. Chainlink Functions offers the critical foundation required for developers to create complex applications that make use of the best of both worlds.

As a result, smart contract authors using the Avalanche ecosystem can now utilize Chainlink Functions to seamlessly integrate Web2 APIs and cloud services into their smart contracts.

Recently, Chainlink also announced the integration of its service Chainlink Automation on Optimism.

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