ApeCoin’s Proposal To Launch The Ape Launchpad Supported

Key Points:

  • The ApeCoin community’s proposal to launch the Ape Launchpad platform has been voted through.
  • The Ape Launchpad is intended to support the ApeCoin and BAYC ecosystems.
On May 18, the Snapshot voting page showed that the ApeCoin community’s AIP-209 proposal on launching the ecosystem project incubator “Ape Launchpad” (Ape Accelerator) had been voted through, with a final support rate of 59.09%.
ApeCoin's Proposal To Launch The Ape Launchpad Supported

The proposal aims to further strengthen the ApeCoin and BAYC ecosystem by incubating and promoting projects that contribute to the growth of the ApeCoin and BAYC IP ecosystem. APE and BAYC ecosystem NFT holders can access Launchpad and invest in the project. ApeCoin DAO contributors There will also be an opportunity to participate in promising Ape projects early on.

The proposal was initiated by Forj, a subsidiary of Animoca Brands. According to the proposal, Ape launchpad will first be deployed on the ETH network, and ApeCoin and BAYC ecosystem NFT holders will have the exclusive right to participate in and support NFT sales projects.

Launchpad participation is based on a hierarchical structure. The grading is determined by the user’s APE amount in the staking pool and the qualified NFT held by the user. Users need to stake APE in the staking pool for at least 14 days before they are eligible to obtain the level. The snapshot was taken 1 day prior to the sale to verify eligibility. Higher-tier users can enjoy priority sales, higher purchase limits, and better distribution of rare NFTs.

The project is expected to release a minimum viable product (MVP) within 2.5 months, including smart contract development and audit, Launchpad UI/UX, integration of the APE pledge pool, and community approval. In the next 2 weeks to 1 month, the project can submit a transaction proposal, and the first Ape Launchpad sale will be carried out in the next 1 month. The total time is expected to be 3 months.

Previously, APE DEX, a new proposal from the ApeCoin community, aimed to implement the decentralized exchange of ERC-20 tokens backed by multi-asset pools. Unfortunately, this idea was received with overwhelming hostility from the community, with negative votes totaling 76.7% and positive votes totaling 23.93%.

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