Ledger Live Integrated Arbitrum, Optimism With New Coins And Tokens

Key Points:

  • Hardware wallet Ledger announced that its software service Ledger Live has integrated Layer 2 blockchain Arbitrum and Optimism.
  • Additionally, Energy Web’s native token, EWT, is also available on Ledger Live, and Rootstock’s native token, RBTC, will soon be supported as well.
Wallet hardware Ledger announced the integration of Layer 2 blockchain Arbitrum and Optimist into its software application Ledger Live.
Ledger Live Integrated Arbitrum, Optimism With New Coins And Tokens

Ledger Live, the famous cryptocurrency management tool, has announced the newest additions to its increasing array of interconnected blockchains.

This is great news for cryptocurrency aficionados searching for more variety and simplicity in managing their digital assets. With the new coin reveal, users will see a slew of new coins and tokens on their Ledger.

The first connection to highlight is with Arbitrum, a blockchain network that is gaining traction in the cryptocurrency community. Users of Ledger Live may now send and receive ARB, Arbitrum’s native token, straight via the platform. It now supports 100 tokens on the Arbitrum blockchain, giving users a diverse selection of investing alternatives.

Following that is Optimism, a Layer 2 blockchain that attempts to boost Ethereum network scalability. Ledger Live supports the Optimism governance token, making it available to users. Users may browse and manage 100 different tokens on the Optimistic blockchain, broadening their investing options.

Ledger Live Integrated Arbitrum, Optimism With New Coins And Tokens

When additional blockchains and tokens are added to Ledger Live, cryptocurrency investors and fans can expect a more smooth and more comprehensive experience. Energy Web’s native token, EWT, is also supported on the platform.

This connection not only gives customers more control over their digital assets but also demonstrates the growing convergence of blockchain technology and the energy industry.

Finally, Ledger Live is working on integrating with RSK (Rootstock), a blockchain technology that enables decentralized financing (DeFi) on the Bitcoin network. RSK’s native token, RBTC, will be accessible on the platform shortly, allowing users to safeguard and manage this precious asset inside the platform.

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