Top NFT Projects To Expect A New Breakthrough On Ethereum

Ordinals is the hottest new thing in crypto. In a word, an ordinal is a piece of data that is uploaded to the Bitcoin blockchain and is referred to by a unique address that is also stored in the blockchain data structure. However, we all seem to have forgotten about Ethereum, the ecosystem that is making up the bulk of the volume and NFT collections on it. This Coincu article will help us learn more about the upcoming explosive NFT projects.
Top NFT Projects To Expect A New Breakthrough On Ethereum


DeGods is a deflationary 10k PFP collection of gods dressed in a unique style of the current fashion that meets old deity vibes, with a focus on community usefulness.

The group has burnt the last 535 DeGods NFTs, therefore there are presently 9,465 in existence (more on that later). They have characteristics that range from Common to Uncommon, Rare, Super Rare, and Mythic. The Holy Robe, Heaven backdrop, Night Vision Goggles, Mythic Helmet, Smoke Ring, and other Super Rare and Mythic qualities are included in the collection. The Medusa Head is the most uncommon characteristic in the collection, with just 25 in existence.

On December 25, the DeGods team announced that the project would formally bridge to Ethereum in the first quarter of 2023. Creator Rohun Vora, known in Web3 as Frank III, addressed the Solana NFT community in a video released to his Twitter account, thanking ardent SOL collectors for their support and noting that he and his team understood that in order to develop, they would need to explore other avenues.

Top NFT Projects To Expect A New Breakthrough On Ethereum


Most of us are acquainted with 9GAG and their work over the last decade. The number one provider of memes is now expanding into the web3 market, beginning with their Memeland NFTs. If history is any guide, you should keep an eye on this endeavor.

Captains and their pirate crews are racing against the clock to reach Memeland, a famous treasure island offering fame, money, love, and the greatest memes in the Broken Sea. ‘You The Real MVP’ and ‘The Potatoz’ are the project’s current NFT collections. Nevertheless, they are only prequels to their major NFT collection, the ‘Memeland Captains.’

MEME is a creator support token and will be used in many SocialFi products built by Memeland. They have previously stated publicly that they will launch the token in 2023.

Memeland has repeatedly said that their upcoming MEME token will be different from the typical NFT token. The way their team presents that token in the future will have a big impact on the ecosystem, perhaps propelling it to even greater success.

Top NFT Projects To Expect A New Breakthrough On Ethereum

Pudgy Penguins

Pudgy Penguins are inspired by arctic penguins. Each Pudgy Penguins called “Pengu” is taken from the short film about a family of penguins living in the Arctic.

Recently, Pudgy Penguins announced it successfully raised $9 million from investors such as Big Brain Holdings, Kronos Research, the founders of LayerZero Labs, Old Fashion Research and CRIT Ventures.

Pudgy Penguins is more than just a collection of adorable penguins, it represents creativity, freedom and community. The revival of the project is a testament to the trust and support of the community as well as the positive developments in recent times.

The current Pudgy Penguins revival is only 18 months since the community voted unanimously to remove the founders in January 2022 shortly after it was discovered that the original core development force squandered assets without wanting to bring substantial benefit to the mission.

Four months later, businessman Luca Schnetzler bought the rights to Pudgy Penguins for $2.5 million, with rebranding guarantees. Since then, he has launched new licensing offers for this collection and has launched numerous social media campaigns to bring Pudgy Penguins into the blue chip territory of Bored Ape Yacht Clubs (BAYC) or CryptoPunks to connect with more mass consumers.

With this incredible milestone hit on the NFT Fundamentals Price Index, Luca Schnetzler revealed that the reason behind the acceleration was noticed by Pudgy Penguin-branded items such as t-shirts, hats and hoodies. Product sales skyrocketed.

The image of a cute and warm Pudgy penguin in winter has attracted a large number of consumers during this year’s Christmas season. Additionally, he has announced that he will continue to bet on new physical toys and collectibles for Pudgy Penguin after 12 months.

Top NFT Projects To Expect A New Breakthrough On Ethereum


mfer is a uniquely shaped NFT collection, launching in late 2021 developed on the Ethereum Blockchain and published by an anonymous person named Sartoshi. “mfer” began as a personal exploration into the community-driven decentralized digital art world.

The idea of creating a stick figure-based NFT collection makes sense because everyone has a distinct rebellious side. The CryptoPunks-inspired 10,000 NFT collection includes similar rarities to pay tribute to the original project.

The mfers NFT collection, a tribute to the Punks, mostly matches the predecessor in its many types: some people, some zombies, a lot of apes, and some uncommon aliens. Sartoshi also added typical punk elements such as slick hoodies, beanies, futuristic 3D glasses, and more.

Top NFT Projects To Expect A New Breakthrough On Ethereum

Sappy Seals

Sappy Seals is a collection of 10,000 NFT Seals with each NFT featuring an adorable colorful seal. Sappy Seals defines herself as an NFT meme and a pioneer of the NFT meme in Web3.

Sappy Seals continues with the “The Grand Plan” roadmap, launching Meme Machine, Sappy React, NYC Events, Digital Artifacts, and St Jude Donations and introducing the Sappy Seals Universe with Traveling Sealsman. The project said that this is just the beginning of raising the brand and developing the ecosystem for Sappy Seals.

Sappy Seals are a fantastic investment since they are reasonably priced and are on the A-list of NFT PFPs. The seals are a highly sought-after collection, thanks to the strong community support and all the recent incursions into the metaverse. You may even take advantage of the recent price drop to invest in the Seals. At the same time, this should not be construed as financial advice. NFTs are subject to high volatility and other pricing hazards. Be sure to do extensive research before investing in NFT. The NFT excitement is expected to continue until the New Year, and Sappy Seals may expand significantly.

Top NFT Projects To Expect A New Breakthrough On Ethereum


CyberKongz is a collection of 1,000 NFTs with 34 x 34 pixel images of unique, rare, and randomly generated apes. Of the initial 1,000 NFTs only 989 NFTs were sold on OpenSea, CyberKongz #810 was kept as the mascot for the project, and 10 CyberKongz Legendary were sold 2 weeks later.

After launching on Ethereum in March 2021, even though there was no pre-release promotional campaign, CyberKongz attracted a lot of attention from NFT enthusiasts and CyberKongz avatars quickly spread on social media.

Over time, CyberKongz has evolved into a community-centric project where NFT developers and community experts dedicate their skills to developing community ideas.

Later, the project developed 2 new NFT collections, including 4,000 Baby CyberKongz and 15,000 CyberKongz VX. In addition to effectively expanding the CyberKongz community, the CyberKongz VX 3D collection allows owners to use their NFTs in different metaverses.

Top NFT Projects To Expect A New Breakthrough On Ethereum

Art Gobblers

Art Gobblers is “a digital art experiment” by Justin Roiland and Paradigm. Justin Roiland is best known as the co-creator of the popular show Rick and Morty, while Paradigm is considered by many to be one of the most prominent investors in the crypto space.

Art Gobblers aims to facilitate the creation and collection of digital art. It is a dynamic ecosystem with three main components, Gobblers, Pages and GOO tokens.

Art Gobblers will allow users to create works of art on their website and save as drafts. To NFT, users need to buy NFT Blank Pages and mint Draft into NFT Drawn Pages.

The user can then feed their Gobbler to “eat” Drawn Pages to increase the Gobbler’s properties. The total supply of Gobblers is 10,000 NFT, initially only 2,000 NFTs are open for sale, the remaining 8,000 NFTs will be released gradually over 10 years.

In particular, there will be 10 NFTs named “Legendary Gobblers” appearing every time the total supply of Gobblers increases by 10%, with the ability to generate 2 times more GOO than normal Gobblers. To create Legendary, the user must burn an amount of Gobblers specified by the project. Photos of old Gobblers eaten will also be included in Legendary Gobblers. This is also considered a deflationary mechanism for the project’s NFT supply.

Top NFT Projects To Expect A New Breakthrough On Ethereum

Fight Out

Fight Out (FGHT), a play-to-earn token that allows users to earn prizes for leading a healthy and active lifestyle, is one of the most talked-about new cryptocurrency tokens right now.

FGHT, the native token, is still available to purchase on presale for a few more days after generating approximately $6 million in its presale. With prominent YouTube accounts predicting that the FGHT token would perform well when it is listed on exchanges next week, investors feel that now is the ideal time to invest in this project since prices are still at presale and set levels.

NFTs are also being integrated into Fight Out’s play-to-earn ecosystem. By installing the Fight Out app, each user may create their own NFT avatars.

These NFTs, known as “Soulbound NFT avatars,” cannot be sold between users. Instead, they are the exclusive property of the owner. The Soulbound avatars reflect your physical performance and way of life. As a user begins to exercise on the ecosystem, the stats of the Soulbound avatars increase.

Competing in physical Fight Out gyms is another method to boost your stats quicker. The first physical gym is slated to open in 2023, according to the Fight Out white paper. In the future, the group hopes to open at least 20 additional gyms.

Top NFT Projects To Expect A New Breakthrough On Ethereum

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