Arkham Intel Exchange: Empowering On-Chain Intelligence Trading On July 18

Key Points:

  • The Arkham Intel Exchange is an on-chain intelligence trading platform that was just introduced by Arkham.
  • Users are able to buy and trade information regarding blockchain wallet addresses while maintaining their anonymity.
Arkham, the cryptocurrency data platform, is set to launch the Arkham Intel Exchange, an on-chain intelligence trading platform on July 18. 
Arkham Intel Exchange: Empowering On-Chain Intelligence Trading On July 18

The platform allows users to anonymously buy and sell information about the owners of blockchain wallet addresses using smart contracts. Buyers can request information from the community by offering rewards, and bounty hunters are rewarded for submitting the requested intel. Valuable information about wallet owners can also be sold to other users for immediate purchase or through auctions.

The Arkham Intel Exchange provides an opportunity for on-chain detectives to monetize their skills, and all intel bought or sold on the platform will be exclusively held by the acquirer for a period of 90 days. The trading products on the platform are not limited to physical tags; bounties can be issued for any on-chain activity. The Intel Trading Platform is scheduled to go live on July 18.

Arkham Intel Exchange: Empowering On-Chain Intelligence Trading On July 18

In related developments, Binance Launchpad has disclosed that it will incorporate Arkham (ARKM) into its ecosystem in the near future. This listing sheds even more evidence on the rapidly expanding interest in this exchange and the potential that it possesses in the cryptocurrency market. Users will have access to a one-of-a-kind trading and information-gathering platform with the introduction of the Arkham Intel Exchange. This platform will allow users to trade intelligence and collect data about blockchain wallet owners.

The combination of the Arkham Intel Exchange and the listing on Binance Launchpad demonstrates the platform’s commitment to providing innovative solutions in the cryptocurrency industry. As the demand for reliable and actionable intelligence in the blockchain ecosystem continues to grow, Arkham aims to position itself as a trusted source for accessing and trading valuable information. With the upcoming launch of the Intel Exchange, users can look forward to a new era of on-chain intelligence trading and enhanced opportunities for collaboration within the crypto community.

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