Alchemy Gains Competitive Edge with Guillaume Poncin Leading Engineering

Key Points:

  • Blockchain platform Alchemy makes a strategic move by welcoming Guillaume Poncin as Chief Technical Officer (CTO).
  • Poncin’s extensive experience in Stripe Web3 and Google positions him for success in leading technical and engineering aspects at Alchemy.
Alchemy has taken a significant step toward enhancing its technical prowess by appointing Guillaume Poncin as its Chief Technical Officer (CTO).
Alchemy Gains Competitive Edge with Guillaume Poncin Leading Engineering

Formerly a key figure at Stripe Web3, Poncin’s extensive expertise is set to bolster Alchemy’s engineering landscape.

In his new role, Poncin will be entrusted with the intricate task of overseeing the technical and engineering aspects of Al’s existing and upcoming products. Additionally, he will play a pivotal role in driving the expansion of Alchemy’s services, as the platform continues to make strides in the blockchain development realm.

Alchemy Gains Competitive Edge with Guillaume Poncin Leading Engineering

During his tenure at Stripe over the past three years, Poncin made noteworthy contributions to the realm of cryptocurrency and finance. Initially focusing on the technical design of banking and financial products, he later made a groundbreaking move by spearheading the creation of the crypto team. Under his guidance, the team introduced innovative solutions like the fiat-to-crypto deposit channel and cross-border payment products that leveraged stable currencies, effectively bridging the gap between traditional finance and the evolving crypto landscape.

Poncin’s journey to this key role at Alchemy was paved by a commendable stint at Google spanning 12 years. During his tenure, he held pivotal roles, including Chief Technical Officer of Google Books and Google Cloud. His experience with technology giants like Google and Stripe positions him as a valuable asset for Alchemy, propelling the platform’s technical vision and innovation.

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