Convex Finance Suffers From DNS Attack

On June 24, the DeFi market continued to face many difficulties with cross-chain bridge attacks. The form of attack pretending to be DNS has also been used by hackers with Convex Finance, the market-leading yield solution.
Convex Finance Suffers From DNS Attack

In a recent tweet, Convex said the domain address had been stolen. With control of Convex’s root domain, hackers inserted source code to “trick” users into interacting with dangerous contracts.

Convex Finance has also recommended users revoke and deauthorize recently interacted contracts to minimize unnecessary situations.

Also on June 23, the Horizon bridge of the Harmony blockchain was also attacked by hackers, with an estimated $181 million in damage.

On the same day, the Allbridge bridge side also asked users to revoke contracts that have been interacted recently. The team did not officially announce the reason, but according to information from Twitter, this is a measure to reduce risk to user assets.

Back to the Convex Finance case, according to the latest announcement, the above issue has been temporarily handled. However, post-mortem reports following this incident will be posted soon.

In addition, the project said that 5 wallet addresses interacted with the malicious contract inserted. Convex Finance also said users need to contact the project to proceed with the processing steps.

DeFi has long had a lot of security problems because it is a newly developed market and does not have an appropriate legal framework. Therefore, users when using DeFi products need to take security measures to proactively protect their assets.

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