Coin98 Labs Joins Yunero Studios To “Invade” The Game?

Coin98 has just made an invasive move to the gaming sector, although it is known to be a startup in financial technology applications.

Accordingly, Yunero Studios has officially joined the Coin98 family, becoming a mighty arm in gaming, perfecting the Coin98 ecosystem, and accelerating the Web3 application process.

Overview about Yunero

Founded in 2021, Yunero – a brand new gaming studio based in Vietnam – is on a journey to build its aspirations. Yunero’s team consists of professionals from the traditional gaming sector and has extensive experience working at leading companies such as VNG Corporation, Eway JSC, and Vega Corporation.

According to Fortune magazine, Vietnam is the third ideal destination in the world for many crypto wallets. The popularity of crypto wallets in Vietnam shows that people are not only buying cryptocurrencies but actively participating in games related to this currency and other platforms, especially GameFi.

Rongos marked Yunero’s first attempts at Web3 gaming. This is considered a revolutionary NFT play-to-earn game that promises to bring a new wind to the current gaming blockchain ecosystem. Rongos is expected to be launched later this year.

“The incubation and launch of the studio game are one of the steps of our platform in our quest to connect the following billion users to games on the blockchain. ” – Le Thanh, Co-founder of Coin98, shared.

It is known that Coin98 currently owns an ecosystem of many products serving from trading and storage to management, lending, and saving digital assets… Among them, the most prominent and best known is the Coin98 wallet, with more than 1 million users.

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