3 JP Morgan CEOs Quit To Join Crypto Companies

Banking institution JP Morgan Chase & Co, America’s largest bank, has seen three of its executives leave the company to join crypto firms.

JP Morgan loses 3 CEOs

After finding positions at various firms in the crypto industry, three senior JP Morgan Chase & Co executives have left investment banking. They leave the company on different occasions in the same week.

First, Eric Wragge, co-founder of Rochester Square, was one of the executives who stepped down after 21 years at the bank. Eric Wragge joins the Algorand Foundation, as the Global Director of Business Development and Capital Markets.

Then there is Samir Shah, who left after 12 years with JPMorgan, to now work with US hedge fund Pantera Capital as chief operating officer. In investment banking, Shah has held various positions. Before leaving the company, he was responsible for asset management sales.

Finally, JPMorgan saw the departure of Puja Samuel, after 3 years as Head of Ideation and Digitization. Puja Samuel quit his job to join Connecticut-based venture capital firm Digital Currency Group. She holds the position of director of development.

Previously, JP Morgan, the Wall Street giant has opened a “lounge” in the Decentraland Metaverse.

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