Crypto Market Highlights July 12, 2022

Crypto Market Highlights: General News

  • Celsius Pays $95 Million In Loans On Aave And Compound. Based on data from blockchain analytics firm Nansen, it has been shown that a Celsius-linked wallet transferred 35 million DAI and 40 million USDC of Circle in various transactions. The wallet also paid an additional 20 million USDC at the end of July 10 to Aave. The platform also swapped some interest-bearing tokens on Aave with 1,647 WBTC (worth $33.4 million) and about $1.6 million combined BAT and xSUSHI. The latest payments have allowed it to buy back most of the collateral from the loan.
  • GameStop Now Releases Its NFT Marketplace’s Public Beta! On July 11, the video game company GameStop launched its own NFT marketplace. Low costs and quick speeds are goals of the upcoming NFT market. The marketplace allows users to build, sell, and trade NFTs. Users may access NFT data through the marketplace’s functionality, and there is also educational content available. Everything from the fundamentals of NFT to how to link a wallet to the market is addressed in the educational content.
  • The First Regulated British Pound Stablecoin Is Launched. Blackfridge, a cryptocurrency company, has announced “poundtoken,” a British-regulated stablecoin. The stablecoin, denoted by the symbol GBPT, is entirely backed by sterling reserves. It is the world’s first regulated British pound stablecoin. GBPT was initially released on Ethereum, but it is planned to grow to other blockchains as well. Poundtoken is presently available for trading on UniSwap,, and Bittrex Global, but the company promises that more platforms will follow suit soon.
  • SK Telecom Plans To Launch Web3 Wallet. SK Telecom says its blockchain arm will partner with Blockchain company AhnLab and Atomix Lab to develop and operate a Web3 wallet. According to the announcement, the company will use Soulbound Tokens (SBT) to verify credentials including membership and many other certifications in addition to the ability to store crypto assets. Atomix Lab will use secure multi-party computing encryption for this Web3 wallet, after which the company will continue to provide technical support, while SK Telecom and AhnLab Blockchain will take over the business.
  • The Listing Of BitMEX’s BMEX Token Is Delayed! The cryptocurrency futures and spot exchange stated in a statement today that it is prepared to list BMEX for trade, but that the current market environment is “not ideal” for token holders. In December of last year, BitMEX announced the debut of its native token, and as of January of this year, users had received 1.5 million tokens through airdrop. According to the company, it would continue to airdrop the token to traders and new members.

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