Zhu Su Files A $5 Million Claim Against His Own Company

Zhu Su, the co-founder of the failed crypto lending firm Three Arrows Capital (3AC), has filed a $5 million claim against their own company. During this bad market, Three Arrows Capital, or 3AC, declared bankruptcy.

Zhu Su – 3AC limited filed a $25 million claim

ThreeAC Limited, the Fund’s investment manager, has also filed a $25 million claim. As a result, the Fund would be counted among the top 3AC creditors. BitGo, Voyager, Algorand, DeFiance, Celsius, BlockFi, SBI Crypto, Moonbeam Network, and Voyager were among the companies on the list.

The total amount of claims filed against 3AC was $2.8 billion. There was more to come, so this wasn’t the end. It should be noted that the procedures will be discussed at today’s 3AC creditors meeting. Teneo Restructuring, a company chosen by the British Virgin Islands court, would oversee the conference. Zhu Su is one of the creditors, according to Soldman Gachs. As a result, there was a good chance he’d show up to the meeting.

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