Moonbeam Officially Integrated With Osmosis

Moonbeam integrates with the Osmosis DEX, and cross-chain token swaps between Polkadot and Cosmos have never been easier.
Moonbeam Officially Integrated With Osmosis

According to information published on July 23, Moonbeam will officially integrate with Cosmos-based Osmosis. From now on, users can easily swap tokens between Polkadot and Cosmos. This is considered a big step forward between these two ecosystems.

The integration is done through the Axelar Network infrastructure. Axelar is both a bridge and a cross-chain communication platform between smart contract protocols. The project raised $25 million from a Series A round last year.

DOT, the governance token of the Polkadot blockchain, will be the first token supported on the cross-chain bridge. Moonbeam plans to support many more coins/tokens on the Polkadot ecosystem coming to Cosmos.

According to Moonbeam, this is an essential milestone in expanding cross-chain composability between the two ecosystems. The platform also claims this partnership reinforces that Polkadot and Cosmos can exist as a complementary ecosystem – despite often seeing each other as rivals on the way to conquering the same goal.

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